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Stay fashionable in the rain

By Tobi Awodipe
03 August 2019   |   3:36 am
here are a few things worse than getting caught in the rain without notice and, as we all know, even though we are in August and the rains have been coming and going, there have been some rainy days this week

Rainy day

There are a few things worse than getting caught in the rain without notice and, as we all know, even though we are in August and the rains have been coming and going, there have been some rainy days this week.

Hopping around in wet hair, muddy shoes and drenched clothes can put a damper on what should be a normally bright day. Although rain can be incredibly challenging to dress for in a country like ours where our normal clothes are in fashion all-year-long, there are tips for getting that simple, smart rainy day look.  We have put together some ideas to ensure you stay stress-free during the next downpour.

Keep it sturdy in dark colours 
At this time of the year, wearing white shoes and light coloured outfits may not be the best idea. To stay clean all day, pair darker colours at the bottom with shirts or dresses. Go for black, brown, navy blue and colours like these, as they will show little signs of damp, mud or debris. Long-sleeved outfits and lightweight sweaters in quick-to-dry materials should also be a frequent choice, especially when living in a city like Lagos where the rain can start at any time. Let’s not imagine there is the usual traffic and you have to trek to your destination/home.

Embrace Synthetics
We’re huge proponents of natural, breathable fabrics around here mostly because of our weather which is usually warm, but when it comes to gear up for the rain, ensure you keep your leather, cotton, silk, linen and wool inside. Unless they are layered safely under sweaters or a jacket or covered with nylon, you just might be exposing them to permanent damage. If you love leggings, try switching from a cotton pair to pair made from lycra or nylon.

Your active-wear leggings, which are fast-drying, opaque, comfortable, are perfect in inclement weather as well as denim which is very good for this kind of weather. Pair the leggings under a dress instead of tights. If you usually wear wool trousers, try Ponte or a blend of polyester and rayon instead. These materials tend to be lightweight, so they won’t weigh you down if they get damp.

Stay dry in longer jackets
Ever been walking in the rain and seen a car splatter water on everyone using the sidewalk? Upsetting right? Exactly! While the umbrella can fend some of the rain away, it can’t cover everything, so try a jacket for full-body protection. Since classic trench coats are not popular in Nigeria, a trendy mid-thigh jacket will shield the body just fine and you can remove it when you get to your destination.

Wear comfortable shoes
It helps to stick to covered shoe-styles that are short and sleek to keep the feet out of puddles and dry. Also, there are beautiful rubber shoes sold everywhere now that are stylish and functional.

Don’t Forget The Extras
If well selected, accessories can be a lifesaver on a wet day. Trade-in soft leather handbags for an all-weather nylon-based bag, invest in a strong umbrella and tone-down the number of metal jewellery to prevent them from rusting quickly. A small umbrella, as well as raincoat and cap that can fit in your bag, would save you from getting wet and dirty.

A guide to dressing in the rain wouldn’t be complete with mentioning your hair. You always want to protect your hair and weave without worrying about frizz. This is where the cap comes in. Always have one in your bag, just in case, it starts to pour. Another easy thing to do is to keep a cheap, plastic poncho in your bag for rainy-day emergencies. They fold up to the size of a wallet and you can get them for less than N300 at any major bus stop. You never know when you might get caught in the rain and, like a good fashionista, you always want to be prepared.

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