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Styles for bunny Easter



In keeping with Easter tradition; celebrations and festivities are kept on hold during lent (the period of fasting and prayer) until after the Resurrection Sunday.

Even funerals of the aged (regarded as a celebration of life) are delayed until after the Lenten period.

Eastertide is very popular time of the calendar because it is always crowned with various joyous social events.

The resurrection (Easter) season is full of many customs, traditions and symbol borrowed from Christianity and the ancient world. The celebration of the Christian Resurrection season finds representation and imagery from the spring (Easter) festivals of antiquity in the western hemisphere.

Most people are familiar with the brightly colored eggs, hopping bunnies and spring chickens. A common thread connects these symbols- all represent new life, rebirth and hope.

Flowers are integrally associated with the annual resurrection (Easter) festival used both in home decorations as well as in religious and social event places and for gifting purposes.

While weddings dominate, other events include funerals (the celebration of life of dearly departed ones), birthdays, corporate launchings of various products, parties and receptions for which floral decorations are needed.

First and foremost you have to decide on a color scheme and theme for your event’s decoration.

As this will help determine the type of flowers, color and style of arrangement you will need .For instant let’s take the wedding, what to consider include:
Bride’s style of bridal bouquet

Options are posy style, arm sheaf and cascading and flowers for the hair. A throw bouquet is optional second bouquet to throw to all single ladies so the bride can keep her main one.

Bride maids and maids of honor: Bouquet and flower for their hair.

Flower girl: chip with flowers for hair; a coronet or halo, pomanders (a ball of flowers to carry) or a basket with flowers.

Corsages: an orchid, roses, mini carnations or any flower of choice pinned on the shoulder or made up as a wrist corsage for the bride and groom’s mothers and grandmothers.

Buttonhole; A single rose or small flower of your choice pinned to the lapel or shoulder for the groom, best man, groomsmen, pageboy (ring bearer) bride’s and groom’s father and grandfathers, minister/pastor, master of ceremonies and driver.
Event’s venue flower arrangements

The church or chapel
One or two large flower arrangements in front of the church or the entrance, these can be moved and used at the reception venue as well.

Normally just one flower on every second pew or chair, or scattered rose petals down the aisle. Other options include: pomanders, small mixed bouquets, vases of gyp and garlands etc.…

Flowers for the Registry table
These are optional, as placing the bridal bouquet on the table while signing is just as beautiful.

Reception venue and Table centerpieces
The type of flower arrangement depends on whether you want vases, special dishes containers, birdcages, candelabra or lanterns.

If it is an evening wedding you might need candles, or flowers and candles. The number of centerpieces will depend on how many guests and how many tables there will be.

Just remember the more guests the more tables you will need which means more centerpieces.

Main table arrangement
This is traditionally a long flat flower arrangement in the middle and the front of the table or flower edging, for a more modern look, consider various votive, vases and dishes with a variety of flowers.

Chair: A flower garlands, ribbons or mini bouquet at the back of every second chair.
Food Table: Flower can be moved from the church/chapel and placed on the food table or optionally, use simple tall glass vases with flower.

Flower for the wedding cake: let your florist know if you’d like fresh flower on your wedding cake so she can advise you on the options available.

Thank You Flowers: Bouquets of flowers to show your appreciation and to acknowledge those who played a role or supported in re event in extra special way such as parents, friends and family.

Popular flower choice and costs: Roses are usually the first choice and also expensive option in certain kinds of arrangements.

As an example: Rose Ball centerpiece requires around 30-40 roses to fill one ball because rose buds are quite small and don’t cover a large area of the arrangement. So to save money we need fewer flowers.

This doesn’t mean you cant use roses, but means we need to add or use more flowers with large petals and buds that covers a greater area. lilies and gerberas or even king proteas will work well.

Lilies: are also pricey, however open lilies are quite big, especially Casablanca lilies. Since they take up more space than roses, you would need fewer to fill the same arrangement and it will cost you less.

Gerberas: Are smaller to lilies in that they work out less costly since they are quite big and take up round the same amount of space as the three roses would. This means you only pay for one flower instead of three in the same style of arrangements.

Check availability: With your florists to avoid disappointment, some flowers are available throughout the year; others are seasonal and only available at certain times of the year. Also, flowers are generally more expensive around flower holidays like Valentine days and mother’s day.

Native Flowers: This can also be used to create buttonholes, corsages, floral crowns, table arrangements and large-scale floral installation. Their best quality would have to be that they are also hearty.

So many brides usually fall in love with pretty delicate flowers that leave florists stressing in the hot weather. But natives thrive in this environment.

Well I hope these ideas will help you plan the perfect floral decorations for your wedding and other events, and that it will make communicating with your florist or events coordinator a little easier. Happy Easter!

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