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Styling with a touch of green-white-green


The home has always been the best definition for independence; it is the place where freedom manifests in its purest form, considering how it’s almost impossible to feel free anywhere else as much as you do in your home. Hence the need to celebrate this year’s Independence Day at home in aesthetic style, with a touch of Nigeria’s flag colours.

Independence Day is an official national holiday in Nigeria, celebrated on the first of October to mark Nigeria’s proclamation of independence from colonial British rule on October 1, 1960.

Basically, the best part of the celebration would be at home, but what’s a celebration without the symbol that represents the season? So for this year’s independence celebration, all you need is a green-white-green which is the colour of the Nigeria flag.

You do not necessarily need to paint your walls green-white-green if that’s not the existing wall paint or paper, all you need do is get a smart and brief décor with the colours by erecting the Nigeria flag paintings on your wall, placing a portable flag on your centre table or dinning, a portable area rug with the colours, curtains or blinds, throw pillows, green flowers in a white pot or other aesthetic home accessories that reflect the colours of Nigeria.

It is independence, it is freedom, and there is absolutely no price too high for freedom, so even if you have to go out of your way to purchase a simple flag, throw pillows, or paintings this season, it is definitely worth the while because every Independence Day should be celebrated with care, pride and love, whilst flying the glorious flag in its coated green colours that represents Nigeria’s natural wealth and the white, peace.

What you need to know about October 1 décor
. The way to go is to apply the rules for other festivities like Christmas where you purchase a Christmas tree and bring it out year-in-year-out only during the celebration. Or the Ramadan celebration symbols of colorful lanterns known as fanous in Arabic. Purchase your Independence Day’s accessories and use them yearly.
. It is important to purchase quality accessories for durability if you want to use them over time.
. There’s no need to do anything permanent in your home, simply go for movable decors or accessories.
. How to pimp your home with Green-White-Green
. First, you must consider your interiors before deciding the kind of green-white-green accessory or décor to use. If you do not have a white or green background wall, do not erect the green-white-green paintings or artworks to avoid rioting your home instead of beautifying it. Simply go for accessories like visible Nigerian flags, butterfly or rose décor flowers, and others that can be placed on the centre table or dinning.

. If you want to erect paintings on the wall, place your painting at the middle of the wall section.
. For the area rug and throw pillows, all you need is one or two of them fitted in orderly manner for a visible and beautiful reflection.
Maintaining your green-white-green decors and accessories
. Remember that green and white are colours that easily attract stains and dirt, so caution is needed.
. If you notice any stain or dirt, ensure to clean immediately.


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