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By Justin Akpovi-Esade
25 September 2021   |   2:46 am
Recently, T4T was reading a news story of how a certain Divisional Police Officer, Mr Adegoke Akinlade, a Chief Superintendent, attached to Denton Division
Davido | Image: New York Times/Stephen Tayo

Davido | Image: New York Times/Stephen Tayo

That Police Oga, Prayer Warriors, And Alfas
Recently, T4T was reading a news story of how a certain Divisional Police Officer, Mr Adegoke Akinlade, a Chief Superintendent, attached to Denton Division, lost his service pistol in his office. 

T4T will not bore you with the whole details, but the summary is, he took his girlfriend, one Jennifer Madueke, to his office on that fateful night, when he was on duty, and fiam, he couldn’t find his gun again!

And so, Oga police decided to arrest and detain the girl even though no gun or anything that looked like a gun was found on her. Well, that is not the story.

When journalists got wind of the story (journalists are always getting wind of stories), Akinlade was contacted via telephone. He was confident he had the right person (Madueke) in detention. The shocking part of his comment was that what gave him confidence that it was his embattled girlfriend who took the gun was, “We took her to a herbalist who said she was the one who took the gun, we also went to prayer houses and consulted Alfas on the issue.”

Wait a minute, a senior police officer lost his service pistol and for him to find out who took it, he was visiting herbalists, prayer warriors, and Alfas? And they were all telling him he had the right suspect even though there was no physical evidence to prove the suspect was in possession of the said missing item?

Now, are you surprised why our police force is in such a mess? This is why you see a piece of red cloth tied to almost every AK 47 rifle you will see in the hands of a policeman on the street; that red cloth was given to him by either his prayer warrior or Alfa or babalawo. 

Just pray that you are not arrested by Nigerian police based on the fact that his Alfa or Pastor or babalawo said you were the person who committed the said crime. You go dey detention tay.

To God Be the glory shaa.

Kanayo O Kanayo, Be Calming Down
NOLLYWOOD star, Kanayo O Kanayo, popularly called KOK needs to be calming down before rushing to Social Media to post anything. By that, T4T meant, he should carefully check for errors, after writing the post before clicking the send button.

And so, KOK posted this during the week:

“Never be satisfied at a single position in life because best people will always come after you or during your time.

After spending soo many years entertaining my fans on screen, I made a strong decision to pursue law and today marks the first year at the Nigerian bar. What God can do, doesn’t exist.

NB: I didn’t sacrifice anyone to the gods. It was pure hard work.”

Carefully look at the third line of the post. T4T thought it should have been, what God cannot (not can) do, doesn’t exist. But what do I know, I am just a bloody journalist na.

Voombastic Uncle P, But Why?
LATE Wednesday, T4T’s mobile phone rang; it was Charles Nwagbara, a long-time friend, and colleague who we used to hit the streets together as Reporters back in the day. As usual, he will give T4T ‘bad mouth’ and trust T4T, he will respond in kind and even more.

“Ehen, you don hear?”

“Hear wetin Charlie,” T4T asked.

Then he broke the sad news, PMAN president, veteran artiste, Voombastic Uncle P, is dead! The news came as a rude shock!

Who would T4T call on the phone again and give his usual dose of ‘bad mouth’ and the response was always that heavy deep laughter from the other end with his popular catchphrase “Abi I dey craze”? 

Uncle P was a friend; he was very supportive when T4T was covering PMAN activities over 20 years ago. 

His style of Ajegunle music was unique only to him. Indeed, his death is the end of an era.

What Is Happening To Davido’s Crew?
T4T is a fan of Davido, he may be too ‘old’ to dance to his songs but he sure enjoys them. But there is something unsettling in his camp.

Everybody around the star seems to be taking turns to drop dead. Three of his core crewmembers had dropped dead in very not too pleasant circumstances. T4T does not believe in coincidence, and three deaths in one crew in the space of about four or so years is worrisome.

Maybe Davido should go to that former Denton Divisional Police Officer so that he can take him to his prayer warriors, babalawos, and Alfas to get to the root of the matter and avert any future tragedy. 

Na advise I jus give o, nor be fight o.

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