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Teeth 4 teeth

By Justin Akpovi-Esade
20 June 2020   |   3:20 am
I’m surprised that some Nigerians were shocked that controversial singer Naira Marley decided to breach the COVID-19 rules of no crowd gathering

Naira Marley’s Above The Law
I’m surprised that some Nigerians were shocked that controversial singer Naira Marley decided to breach the COVID-19 rules of no crowd gathering and held his Abuja concert early this week.

The young artiste enjoys large followership of young and old who call themselves ‘Marlians,’ and one of their codes is disregard for constituted authority. Others are no Marlian should wear a belt and or finish school. Very sweet! So, why are Nigerians surprised that he decided to hold a concert with an attendance of over 2, 000 people? 

What I find surprising is the fact that and his Marlian crew that flew that private jet to Abuja for the show are still walking free. That boy is truly a Marlian!

Abuja COVID 19 Task Force Team…
…Should be behind bars as we speak. Why? Right under their nose, Naira Marley held a concert that attracted a large crowd and the next day, the team to cover up for their incompetence went to seal up the venue of the concert and posted the pictures of the exercise online. What a proactive task force!

Funke Akindele and her husband hosted a house party, yes, a house party during the total lockdown period and the video found its way online and she and husband paid dearly for that act of infantile stupidity. A concert is not what you do in secret, yet the taskforce team could not storm the venue in the middle of the show and round EVERYBODY up and haul them into detention?

As we speak, the artiste, his crew and organisers of the show are still very okay. Wait for a second; is Abuja still the Federal Capital Territory?

That Apology Letter By Executive Jet CEO 
I read the apology letter by the chief executive of the private jet company that ferried Naira Marley to Abuja for his show and I could not help but laugh out very loud yesterday morning. 

You need to read the letter; just ignore the bad English sha o. The point the CEO admitted how he was fooled by the name ‘Fashola Babatunde’ thinking it was former Governor of Lagos and a serving minister, which made him give the green light for the jet to convey the passengers, not knowing he it was a “bunch of useless people”. That actually cracked me up!

Edmund Spice’s Campaign on Facebook
Do you recall who Edmund Spice is? Yes, Edmund Spice, the singer, who rocked the Nigerian music scene with a hit song (a remix of a foreign song though) titled Baby Can I Hold You Tonight? Well, we are not going to be talking about the song or his career here because the fella now lives in America after his career dimmed a couple of years after the hit.

What Spice is preoccupied with at the moment on Facebook is the promotion of the black race. Every minute of the day, he is busy posting pictures of black women in their natural state devoid of makeup and or false eyelashes and fake hair and asking his friends to spot the difference.

Anyway, if one road is close, another one goes open. Nice one Ed.

Alex Zitto Is Coming!
But for this Coronavirus pandemic, I believe once the rave of the Nigerian music scene, Alex Zitto, would have released what he has been cooking since he did Baby Walacolombo. 

Teeth 4 Teeth has been on his tail on Facebook for some time now as he regularly posts videos of himself telling his former fans, in Pidgin English, that he was staging a comeback, soon.

Well, I have the bottle of my favourite mineral water and popcorn and my chair is positioned to accommodate my aching back and I am waiting.