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The car from hell – Part 2


King Arulegbe II was fuming with unmitigated anger as he sent out his guards and emissaries to get his daughter back from wherever she could be.

The whole town was in trouble and chaos. Their king had never been in such a bad mood.

The people wondered how the strange man with the beautiful car, robbed them of their valuables and ran away with Princess Ifepade, who was the only daughter of their highly revered king.


It was such a sweet journey to Lagos from the far countryside.

Olaiya Smith, who was just a driver on a mission to deliver a message to Jengbade town from his boss took advantage of the gullibility and ignorance of the villagers to catch some fun.

But at the moment, it seemed he had gone too far in his exploits, as the powerful king had sent messages through his guards and able emissaries that his daughter must be found by all means and the culprit must be arrested to face judgement for his heinous crime.

Olaiya was a smart liar and also master of con, mischief and cajolery.

In fact, he could be compared to a thief, drawing from his past deeds. He told the angelic and very beautiful princess that he owned the luxurious car and that he was the king of Lagos.

Such blatant lies! But the princess had completely fallen for his lies and antics.

Olaiya lodged the pretty princess in an expensive five-star hotel in Victoria Island and convinced her that he owned the hotel, like many others in the beautiful state.

It was a big surprise how the princess, of sublime beauty became hooked on the lies coming from the sugar-coated tongue of a mere driver who originated from the city of Lagos.


Just like a flash, two months had rolled by, Olaiya and the princess were nowhere to be found. Before one could mention, “Romance” the 23-year-old princess had been impregnated by the fast-talking young man.

King Arulegbe II could not endure the mystery surrounding the absence of his only daughter again, so he came to Lagos and headed for the Police Interpol Department.

He threatened fire and brimstone if his daughter wasn’t found immediately.

The Inspector General of Police waded into the matter and pronto, the police spread their dragnets to all the nooks and crannies of Lagos.

In the third month, Olaiya was discovered like a fish out of water in Paradise City Hotel in Victoria Island, enjoying the bliss of life. He was immediately arrested.

King Arulegbe II was happy to see his daughter. But on a closer scrutiny he became sad when he realized the fact that his daughter was now pregnant.


“Deal with the infidel and liar, cane him till he sheds tears of blood!” ordered the angry king.

“I love him, dad, I love him sincerely, oh king!” begged the beautiful princess.

Olaiya Smith was caned several times by the monster-eyed police officers on the orders of the angry king.

Three days later, after being subjected to painful punishment, the king forgave Olaiya Smith due to pressures from his pregnant daughter, who had really fallen in love with the young and handsome driver.

That was how Olaiya Smith, the driver from humble beginning got married to princess Ifepade. They did a society wedding that was the talk-of-the-town for several months.

Honestly, Olaiya Smith was the driver to the tall and ebullient Chairman of Gold Crusts Investments Limited, based in Lagos.

On hearing the news, he had no choice than to forgive his young lascivious driver. Indeed, love is truly blind.

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