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The last fool



Human beings love lies and deception like ants love sugar. It is natural for some people to lie and deceive fellow humans.

Dehudeni was the king of lies and deception by pretending to be a blind beggar for many years. He had been fooling the people that he was blind for almost 15 years now and no one suspected him to be a great liar and deceiver. He was a dark-skinned, short and stocky man in his mid-40s.

For a very long time, he had gathered so much wealth by cheating people and capitalising on their ignorance to part with their hard-earned monies.


Everyday, Dehudeni would wake up early in the morning and rub a sticky brown cream over his eyes to deceive people that he was actually blind. He lived on Keshi Street in Obalende, Lagos.

He would sit at strategic places by the roadside early in the morning and had a way of deceptively crying and appealing to people to come to his aid, financially. He would put on ragged and tattered clothes to show people the weight and enormity of his misery, lack and pains. Out of genuine sympathy and pity, people would queue up to give him money.

Before evening time, he had would have made enough money that would make him smile home around 6pm on daily basis. It was on Fridays that he always visited commercial banks to save his income in a smart manner.

Secretly, he had about three wives and a large number of children, some of whom were already adults. He had built about three houses in his hometown with the proceeds of his false means of livelihood.

One particular sunny day, a mystery man approached Dehudeni to give him some money. The man suddenly held out the money and made a short solemn prayer. “If truly, this man is blind as he looks, then there won’t be any problem with him,” whispered the mystery man. “But if he is not blind, but pretending and deceiving people, then God will actually make him completely blind. So be it.”

Dehudeni could see the man through the corner of his eyes whispering and gazing at the sky once in a while. The mystery man then dropped the money into the alms plastic beside Dehudeni and left the spot immediately.


Dehudeni was very happy when he saw the amount the man put inside his alms plastic. He counted it quickly with accuracy and realised it was N3, 000. He smiled and giggled with joy and gladness that another fool had fallen for his bag of tricks.

The fake beggar was very happy when he got home that day, he quickly went to the bathroom to wash the brown sticky cream off his eyes. But he was in for a shocker! After washing his eyes for close to 40 minutes, he realised that he couldn’t see clearly again. Everything was dark and dim in his eyes. He was now completely blind. He couldn’t believe himself.

“What’s happening to me?” he asked for the umpteenth time, but got no answer. Instantly, he started crying in anguish and weeping sadly that at last, the Almighty God had struck him with lightning and thunder by turning him to a real blind man.

He started looking for a solution to regain his sight. He spent a huge fortune and millions at the hospital on orthodox medicine and even contacted many traditional medicine men, but all to no avail. He sold all his three houses to pay the bills for his eyes treatment, but there was no positive result.

That was how Dehudeni remained completely blind, poor and wretched till today. He knew that God is always just, right and hates falsehood. God hates liars and those who trade in deception.

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