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The ones you love can betray you the most


I probably would have never found out about this but one night I guess it was bothering him because he just came out and admitted to me what had happened. He claims he had to tell me because I was such a good Woman to him and such a wonderful sister and Friend to her and he could not sit around and watch how she was using me.

No one should have to watch their “man” around their own sister – or any other family member for that matter.Anyone that loves you will not disrespect you with messing with your family or anyone in your blood line other than the odd flirtation, but to be getting in their ;pants and hope to come back to yours is completely out of order! I should have known when she stayed with me alot and i left them alone sometimes but i trusted her.

Now after finding out they both have betrayed me it has made me sick. The real love of a sister would not be to sleep with her big sisters husband.I won’t say a man, who loves you won’t cheat on you once, but he will not do it with your sister.

I am all about family but no one deserves the kind of pain that t both have inflicted.I question these things, why would a sister that suppose to love you do anything that hurtful?There are standards and limitations and boundaries you just do not cross.That is why people should know the truth that the ones you love can hurt you the most with betrayl.

I needed to vent this to the ones whom are getting told one side of the story and there is two sides to everything and to tell the truth and stop their lies. The guilty dog always barks my opinion the truth always comes out even if it hurts.

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