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Thought one had seen it all in yoruba movies…


If you thought you had seen it all in Yoruba movies, then you should have another thing coming.

So, T4T was watching a Yoruba movie on DSTV during the week, a great movie; that is if you consider those movies that have metaphysical themes, great. 


Titled Idayo Olorun, it starred none other than Odunlade Adekola (of course, a Yoruba movie without that guy is not a Yoruba movie, no pun intended) and Ireti Osayemi, another fantastic female actor among others. 

T4T was busy, his eyes darting along the full length of the TV screen to catch up with the subtitle, and then the bombshell came like an American nuclear missile (as if I had seen one before). 

“His urination is inside this calabash”. What? Did I get that correctly? ‘Urination’?

The actress was telling another actress that she had the URINE of a certain diabolical Chief in the calabash she was holding in her hands. 


I FAINTED! It was Mrs T4T who used a cold glass of juice to wake T4Tup minutes after.

SUBMISSION: The guy who does subtitling in Yoruba movies needs special deliverance in a Pentecostal church, preferably one of the many, along Lagos-Ibadan Expressway. By the way, the movie was PROUDLY directed by Monsuru Ijayegbemi.

Like Charles Inojie, Like Chidi Nwokeabia
RECENTLY, T4T told you how Nollywood star, Charles Inojie, struck a pose on Facebook, dressed in a yuppie outfit like he was some 25-year old bobo. Well, it seems this is a season for ‘old men’ in Nollywood to be striking poses on Facebook.

Producer Chidi Nwokeabia no doubt took a cue from Inojie and earlier this week, he struck his own pose. 


T4T was prowling the Facebook Timelines of stars (if you like say he is an amebo, na you sabi) and decided to settle on Nwokeabia’s. And what did he see?

Chido, as some of us his close pals call him, wore a ‘papa’s cap, with Jean pants and a long sleeve shirt, and he tilted his head in a manner to suggest he is still in the game. 

Bros, nor let body deceive you, you don old. Make you dey tie wrapper with bead and bowler hat like Urhobo pipu. Na beg I beg you!

That Alhaji In Olowosibi
THERE is this cooking programme on DSTV that T4T does not like missing. It airs very early in the morning, on weekdays. It is titled Olowosibi. 


Morayo, the hostess, brings in popular Yoruba actors to cook local delicacies. By the way, Morayo, is a very pretty lady (na praise T4T jus dey praise her o, nor be say una go come dey put mind for anoda tin go tell Mrs T4T o).

Well, the programme always makes T4T hungry early in the morning even when he does not take breakfast. Very tantalizing meals the guest stars cook.

But that is not the issue here. There is one man simply referred to as Alhaji. His job is to taste the meals prepared by the stars and scores them. 

My worry is, Alhaji always finishes the large portion he is served before giving out his generous marks. Very soon, Alhaji go fat and instead of dem to call am Alhaji, na Puff Daddy Alhaji dem go call am.

I don talk my own, make una come beat me, I dey my house!


Short Letter To Nollywood Actress, Ebele Okaro
DEAR Ebele Okaro, You are a good actor, you have acted in many Nollywood movies and one can safely say you have done well for yourself and the industry, but I am afraid, you are now a stereotyped actor. 

I don’t know why producers and Directors let you play the same role of a mother of greedy girls who will always jilt her ‘poor’ lover or husband for a richer man and you are always in support of her till everything goes awry.

You now roll your eyes the same way in all the movies and bend your mouth and waist…in fact, you are the same character in almost all the Nollywood movies you have starred in, in recent years. It is now monotonous and somewhat irritating.

You need to redefine your act and win back your fans or you will lose it eventually.


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