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Family reality show comes on stream

By Maria Diamond
03 July 2021   |   2:55 am
The Lagos State Ministry of Tourism, Art and Culture in collaboration with Effect Best Perfect Solutions (EBPS), has unveiled a Lagos Family Reality TV Show in order to promote national unity amidst diversity in the country.

Temitope Jemerigbe; MD DKK (left), Adeleke Ajayi, MD Best Perfect Solutions limited, Uzamat Akinbile-Yusuf, Commissioner for Tourism Arts and Culture, Yinka Oduniyi, MD Digital Oracle, and Segun Lawal of Spirit of David.

•To Discourage Disintegration, Promote National Unity

The Lagos State Ministry of Tourism, Art and Culture in collaboration with Effect Best Perfect Solutions (EBPS), has unveiled a Lagos Family Reality TV Show in order to promote national unity amidst diversity in the country.
The educational and entertaining family reality show, which will commence in September, will have a total of 36 families who are resident in Lagos State representing the 36 states of Nigeria. This statewide competition will have families compete over a period of 13 weeks to determine the star-prize winner of the N20 million cash prize, an SUV, and N30 Million to execute community projects in their Local Government Area of residence.
The Commissioner for Culture and Tourism, Mrs. Uzamat Akinbile-Yussuf while unveiling the Logo of the reality family show during the week at De Remembrandt Hotel in Ikeja Lagos, said the reality show had come at a perfect time when some group of people are calling for separation. She said: “As a model for national unity and a testimony that Nigerians are better together, the state created the family show to reignite our national unity. Lagos State, like Nigeria, is home to all ethnic groups who have lived harmoniously together for centuries despite their diverse ways of life. So irrespective of diversification in culture and belief, I believe these differences make us outstanding as a country and should unite us, as opposed to the clamour for disintegration. The clamour for separation from various quarters is never the solution to the national issues. The organisers specifically selected Lagos for the show, as it is a metropolitan state that accommodates all tribes and ethnic groups in the country.

This distinguishes Lagos as a great state.”
Akinbile-Yussuf noted that the competing families will engage in various tasks that will revolve around advancing Nigeria national and state history, values and culture. “The eventual winning family, in addition to the various mouth-watering prizes, will also be presented as the Celebrity Family of the Year and will be opportune to have dinner with the Governor, Mr Babajide Sanwo-Olu. This show would elicit a sense of pride and grow the knowledge about the country, states, culture, history and values.”
The convener of the reality TV show, Adeleke Ajayi, who is also the Managing Director of EBPS Limited and the Producer of the reality TV show, noted that The Lagos Family Reality Show is a unique platform that leverages on unifying factors and creates a paradigm shift that re-ignite Nigeria. He said: “Aside inspiring the spirit of unity in Nigeria, the show would elicit Lagos state’s sense of pride as well as grow knowledge about the country’s rich cultural diversity, history and values. Also, the show is focused towards appreciating the role of the family in the country as it brings together the 36 families under one roof for the five-level competition and there will be evictions at the end of every level based on the performances of each and every competing family in the various tasks within that level. The beauty of the show is that we have over N100 million-worth of prizes to be doled out to participants of the reality show and it has been structured in such a way that every competing family has a reward irrespective of the level of eviction in the multiples.”
Ajayi also noted that eligible family participants would be from age 13, however outstandingly intelligent children from age 10 would be allowed to participate, but that would be professionally determined during the audition. “Also, standards will not be altered for anyone as the judges are tested and trusted. We have carefully picked out our judges. They are honest and trustworthy and there would be no influence by outside force. We have on standby organisations that would ensure that there are no illegitimate influences and there would be guest judges.”

Managing Director DKK Temitope Jemerigbe also said the show would showcase the broad spectrum of Lagos as well as amplify the right value within the people of the state. The government of Lagos is responsible for everyone in Lagos. So the show would manage the narrative to engage the audience with different platforms of communication, digitally. Lagos is home for all. One of the contents is to show how large in heart the people of Lagos are.”
One of the judges, Segun Lawal in his address, said it is critical that we start looking at Nigeria through positive values and culture. “There would be artistic entertaining values to build the show. I am particularly excited to meet the families that would be participating and see their strength. It is important to me that we not only represent the show but that we’re firm and un-bias.”
Yeni Kuti who would also be one of the judges said the idea is to ensure that our youth become proud of Nigeria. It is about unity. Let us be one.”
The judges of the show are Yeni Kuti, Ifeoma Fafunwa, Segun Lawal, others. While the instructors were Kathy Ige-Segun Obe, Yemi Disu, Chef Renee, Gbenga Yusuf. Benneth Ogbeiwi would host the show while Oluwanifishe Ajayi would co-host with stage name AJ Chocolate.