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Troubled House of Twitch…Outgoing Miss Ideal Nigeria calls pageant fraud


Sandra Osamor

Sandra Osamor

The popular saying: “a house divided against itself cannot stand,” is presently playing out as the once rosy relationship between Miss Sandra Osamor, winner of the Miss Ideal Nigeria 2015 and the organisers of the pageant, House of Twitch, has fallen like a pack of card.

With accusation from Osamor and counter accusation from the organisers, Osamor a graduate of Covenant University, Ota Ogun State, said when she aspired for the pageant, which she eventually won, her hopes were raised by the organisers with their promised alluring packages, but little did she know that her dream would come crashing down in a world “where winners are treated like slaves and made to beg for benefits due to them,” a claim that the organisers denied.

According to her, “the pageant is a fraud and it should be investigated. The organisers, House of Twitch, make promises to unsuspecting contestants and don’t fulfill such promises. I won with hopes of benefits but got nothing. The benefits included a trip, a modeling contract with famous agency, clothing for one year during the reign and one million naira cash prize, which they later stated would be based on sponsorship.”

When this reporter, put a call through to Uchenna Victor, apparently the manager attached to Miss Osamor, he said he doesn’t want to speak on the issue. However, in a tweet on he posted on House of Twitch handle, he posted: “Michy tell her, if she want to fight me, she should be prepared spiritually too ooooo…u know nah.

Ayotunde, a director in House of Twitch, and one of the organisers called back this reporter back after a called was also put through to him. He affirmed some of the accusation but said that they are unfounded as Osamor signed a contract with the company but failed to keep to the terms of the agreement.

He said, “As Miss ideal Nigeria, there are obligations associated with the office and this includes project execution but Sandra was not forth coming when she is needed. We have a runner-up, who was always ready, and we resorted to work with the runner-up.

“Each time she is called up for an event, she gives excuses with her job. She is on a paid employment and works from 8am to 5pm. This affected some of campaigns. At a point, she told us her stopped from attending events.”

On the allegation of posting some Osamor’s picture on the House of Twitch site, Ayotunde affirmed, saying that it was in a bid to have some throwbacks of her reign. “She willingly gave and agreed we use the pictures. So, what is the fraud,”

Another member of the board in House of Twitch, Uncle Chris, had in a tweet on Thursday, posted “I have said we should leave all totally ignore her and her messages. Nobody should talk to her, leave them alone. Silent is power.”

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