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Doug The Plug spills the tea on his upcoming sophomore album


Doug The Plug

Inglewood rapper Doug The Plug has been making quite a name for himself as of late to be regarded as one of the most promising artists on the scene today.


He began his artistic career as a freestyle cypher in the 7th grade and made a bold statement with his debut album “Jordan Tape” in 2016. Since then, he has changed the structures of popular music in his hood.

“Two V’z”, Doug The Plug’s latest single has been a huge success and with his next project, he’s aiming to drop more songs that will swerve in and out of Hip-Hop, without reservation.

Soltesh Iyere checked in with Doug The Plug to chat about everything from his career thus far, his style, and his upcoming project.

Why the name Doug The Plug?
When I chose the name Doug The Plug, I was really on some like philosophical shit. I mean growing up I worked a lot, but it still wasn’t enough to get the fly shit so of course you gotta hustle. Before they legalized weed, I used to have people pulling up to my mom’s crib for dimes and dubs, that was way back! Then I started doing my music and as I got in tuned with it. I had to know everything, down to the mixing, the mastering, I engineer a lot of my music and mix a lot of my music. I just figured that I was really plugged into it. And then, the name just rhymed, it was me. Doug The Plug.


How did you first start making music?
It goes as far back as middle school, I used to beat box and have freestyle cyphers in the 7th grade. The first mixtape I dropped was the ‘Jordan Tape’ in 2016. I produced it with Cory Orlando and mixed and mastered it. It was really when new at it at the time.

Your first debut was in 2016, how has it been since then, and what made you take the leap?
Since then, it’s been a rollercoaster, you know. A lot of adversity in the music industry. It doesn’t come overnight. People recognize your talent, but don’t give you your credit. You don’t give up. Lately, I have been in my bag, I got a lot more to say. For me, it’s all about going through the experience to have the stuff to talk about.

Your most recent release was “Two V’z” what was the inspiration behind the record?
Two V’z was really a record I thought would get people’s heads nodding. I usually go into the studio with nothing. But soon as I heard that beat, I knew I wanted to gas it. I really just freestyled the whole thing.

Is there a story behind the lyrics?
Two V’z was just to let people know what type of time on. “ You playin’ games, but I’m outta your league”. Basically saying my style is major league. I’m ahead of my class.


The single has been a huge success – what do you think contributed to the growth of the record?
The beat is really catchy and people love a good beat. And the video is Bananas, make sure you check it out if you haven’t already.

What was your promotional strategy for the single?
I shot a video and put it on all streaming platforms, I plan on doing a challenge later on. Whoever sends me their best dance video to the song, I’m going to give away $500.

What advice would you give other emerging artists building their independent music career?
Consistency, the moment you slack off, it’s 100 other rappers ready to take your place. Keep going.

What are you working on right now?
I have an album I plan on dropping Mid-September. Working out all the tweaks and peeks, but It’s going to be a classic.


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