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Yung L comes through with Yaadman Kingsize



No doubt, singer, songwriter and performer, Christopher Omenye, better known as Yung L, has paid his dues. He started out singing, rapping and performing at social events and eventually joined a music group known as Mac9, while as an undergraduate at the University of Jos.

He recently released a new body of work entitled Yaadman Kingsize, which is coming after his 2020 EP, Juice and Zimm. Prior to the release of the 2020 work, Yung L had released Better Late Than Never in 2017 and Jollification, a 2019 EP.

On the album, the dancehall star appears boastful and bashful in his consistent adulation of his sexual prowess while articulating the album’s central theme, women.


Speaking on the inspiration behind making the album, he said, “We wanted to take you (audience) through a path. Yaadman starts with so much confidence and conviction but also confession. Like, who I am and where I get this vibration. We move on to Operator where I’m like ‘let’s get into the party.”

“On every song, you get through different emotions basically. There’s a part where you feeling sexy with yourself and you listen to Womanizer, there’s a part where you’re tough, you’re like a street guy singing Opp and then it takes you to Police & Thief where you’re angry and sad with Nigeria’s situation. Then at the end, you pray about it and just hand it over to God,” he added.

The project features acts such as Grammy award winner, Wizkid, Seun Kuti and other great musicians. Yung L explained that with the collaborations the album tend to be really intentional.


“I always want the artistes to match my energy and not dull the song. Doing my masters in 2019, Tiggs Da Author released his EP, More Life and it was so fire; I played it so much during train rides.

“I always wanted to work with Seun Kuti, but I didn’t know what type of song yet. But I wanted something different from the typical sociopolitical songs with him. I mean we’re both young men. He was to be on Puna but when he heard the Rasta beat he said, ‘it’s this one.’ We vibed, he played the horns and it came out so beautifully.”

He continued: “Then Wiz—Wizkid messaged me when I released Juice & Zimm and told me Eve Bounce was his favourite song on the tape. I thanked him; I wasn’t even thinking of doing a remix then. Then, I remember the lockdown started and we were on Twitter and I think at the same time we both tweeted about being bored. So, I just said, ‘guy, since we’re bored, let’s just do the remix abeg and he was like ‘you know that’s my jam, are you serious?’ And I told him, ‘yeah.”

“At 9pm, I sent him the record and when I woke up by 2 a.m, he had an mp3 delivered on WhatsApp. He’s like ‘Do you like it?’ because he wanted to add stuff to it and I told him, ‘Fam, don’t bother adding anything, just send the file becuase I know you; we’ll start hearing long thing later,” he enthused.


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