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What is your fashion style?


African women fashion styles

If there is one thing that is constant, it is change, and change is exactly the one thing that is constant when it comes to fashion.

Since time immemorial, there has been a constant effort being put to make ourselves look better.

The different styles in fashion have always gone through innumerable changes.


With the increase in the amount of innovations, the change in trend and fashion styles have also been rapid.

The sphere of fashion is filled with different styles and trends to choose from.

You should make use of it and help yourself stand out in the crowd.

So keeping that in mind, here is the list of a few fashion styles that most of us have embraced and made our own.

Vintage Fashion Style

One of the most adorable fashion styles, it definitely is a blast from the past.

From flapper dresses to pinup clothing and from retro swimwear to indie clothing, the vintage look is a culmination of fashion from the 20’s to the 90’s.

It is the one trend that stands the test of time as it comes and goes but never dies.


Bohemian Fashion Style

The best way to describe bohemian would be to use the word non-traditional.

A style, which is similar to arty, bohemian style uses extravagant and wild patterns on exotic textures.

It can be characterised as an inspiration from gypsy and hippie looks.

It is more commonly referred to as ‘Boho’.

Chic Fashion Style

Chic is characterised by being trendy and fashionable.

It is a type of statement to make oneself look smart and striking.


Whoever follows this style makes sure to choose well-tailored stylish designs that are pretty classy.

Strong colours, which are not extravagant, come as a part of the chic style.

It is something that relates to being casual in not so casual way.

If you are part of this style, your wardrobe is a symbol of style.

Artsy Fashion Style

Artsy as the names suggest, invokes the independent creativity of the person.

These are usually the ones who want to make a statement of their own by the clothes they wear.

Most of the times, they are the creators of their own fashion style.

They do not follow the traditional norms and make the path for themselves.

The unconventional for of art leads to innovating very many interesting forms of trends, which are not restricted by the usual textbook nature of creating fashion.


High Fashion Style

It is all about showing off your best features.

Mostly accompanied by heels, shorts or tight skirts, this style reveals you looking your absolute killer best.

Tight fitting outfits, sheer and lace make up this style.

Casual Fashion Style

Casual is a combination of elegance with comfort.

This simple style has caught up well with the passage of time and is one of the most-sought- after fashion styles as of now.

None of the exotic and bold items will be in the wardrobe of a woman who follows casual fashion.

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