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With Recall Conference, Yetunde Bernard charts a new course for 21st century man

By Chuks Nwanne
24 February 2018   |   4:20 am
In an effort to provide the African man living in today’s urbane, competitive and demanding society, with insights and practical tools to enable him meet his evolving world with intention...

Yetunde Bankole-Bernard

In an effort to provide the African man living in today’s urbane, competitive and demanding society, with insights and practical tools to enable him meet his evolving world with intention, clarity and a deep sense of tenacity, the Yetunde Bernard Company has announced plans to host Recall Conference For Men.

An unbiased, city-centre conference for the urbane man aged 20-45 years, the initiative is a deliberate invasion of the norm and seeks to mobilise, inspire and empower the African man as an entity able to provide applied solutions to the continent’s challenges and develop insight on pressing issues thereby shaping culture and impacting the course of history.

Part of the conference will be a Master Classes, which will help participants to develop a working understanding of certain emerging and highly profitable industries. It is designed to help men connect, interact and set measurable goals in wealth creation. Facilitated by experts in these fields, who have earned their stripes and distinguished themselves through integrity of purpose in the market place, these Master Classes will focus on identifying engagement platforms as, well as critical insight about how to excel in certain industries.

Facilitators for the Master Classes include Bankole Bernard (Aviation/Travel/Tourism), Mudi and David Wej (Fashion & Retail), Kola Aina (ICT), as well as Simon Kolawole and Kunle Afolayan (Media and The Arts).

The second leg of the project is the conference, which has comedian Alibaba, Edi Lawani, DJ Jimmy Jatt and Debola Williams as speakers. Life is multifaceted, and there are key spheres of influence in a man’s life that need to be fully developed to aid living maximally. From Fatherhood through raising and supporting others; cultivating and maintaining romantic relationships, staying relevant while going through life’s transitions, being socially capable to attract people to your cause; and being spiritually awakened, participants will draw from a rich pool of knowledge from these carefully selected speakers.

Then, there will be an opportunity for participants to immerse themselves in an informed yet relaxed environment featuring exhibitions from businesses channeled to men such as men’s fashion, technology, health and fitness and others. There will also be music, a food court and cocktailed networking all designed to facilitate the connection of senses, mind and spirit.

Billed for April 28, 2018, at The Balmoral Convention Centre, Federal Palace Hotel, Victoria Island, Lagos, the one-day confernec will hold under the theme: The 21st Century Man: The Hustle is Real

According to the convener Yetunde Bernard, “Recall for Men is strictly for Africans because of our society is completely different. The African man is not like the every day’s man, his cultural is different, the tradition is different, the hustle and things he experience are different.”

She noted that, “As a woman, most issues that affect men have a greater impact on women as well because they are everywhere in our lives. We have them as fathers, husbands, boyfriends also as a son. We recognise that most African men were not taught how to manage their relations, manage their egos etc. they just assumed because is a man, he should be brave enough but men also need someone to discuss and interact their issues with.

“So, to ease African male from all struggle of life, we are bringing organisations and delegates from around Africa to interact with thought leaders and learn how to leverage on the status of the African man to create productivity platforms on all fronts.”

For Olakunle Soriyan, Lead Strategist for the conference, “It is designed specifically to serve as a resource point for men. Men have become the endangered species not because they have more challenges, but because they don’t speak about these challenges. This conference is to serve as a platform where men can converge and connect, sharing thoughts and ideas.”