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Iseoluwa… Another kid star steps out bold


Iseoluwa Abidemi

Having read stories and followed her exploits online, meeting Iseoluwa Abidemi, somehow, became a priority. So, when the new of her live concert in Lagos broke, attending the gig was only a natural decision.

At a time when some parents are desperately pushing their kids towards the entertainment industry, which was once regarded as a job for ‘never do wells’, it has become necessarily to at least scrutinize these talents and possibly separate wheat from chaff. With the advent of social media, getting to stardom today is a matter of cash. However, on stage, it’s entirely a different ball game.

Tagged Iseoluwa Live in Concert, the well-attended show was staged at the RCCG Jesus Embassy Parish, VGC Lekki, Lagos. Though other notable gospel artistes such as Diane, Mike Abdul of Midnight Crew, Tim Godfrey, Onos, Eben, Tosin Bee, Odunayo Aboderin, Wole Oni and others were on the bill, it was an opportunity for the 13-year-old Iseoluwa to prove herself on a big stage.The show anchor and talented musicologist Ben Ogwewi was the first to drop some hints about the young star, as he set the tone for the evening of great music.

“Iseoluwa is known to be shy, but she has God’s gift of singing. I asked her parents for the permission to drill her like an adult and they gave me go ahead. There were days of tears and encouragement, but this has made her stronger and better to face a larger crowd,” Ogbewi said.

Eventually, it was time for the young singer to mount the stage, what was already set on fire by the guest artistes, who wowed the excited crowd with electrifying performance. And really, coming on stage after the ‘big boys’ and ‘big babes’ was never going to be an easy task.

Gently and calmly, Iseoluwa made her way to the stay, with her session men already of cue. She then moved to the canter stage amid cheers from the crowd; all eyes were on her. As soon as she let loose her tongue to sing, it was obvious we have another child star in our hands.Her smooth delivery apart, Iseoluwa at her tender age has a good understanding of stage management; she carried herself like a star. Each song came with a different mood, which were clearly reflected in her performances. Sometimes she’s calm, the next minute she’s electrifying, keeping close eye contact with her band. Indeed, she must have gone through rigorous rehearsals to reach this level.

According to the young artiste, who intends to use her music to influence the world positively, the concert is her own little way of appreciating God’s wonderful work in her life.“I feel so excited as a young gospel singer because music is something I have always wanted to do. But the reason I wanted to do it is to please God; gospel singing is all about God and his wonderful works. Music is my passion, but I hope to be a lawyer in future,” she enthused.

Already, Iseoluwa has dropped her first official single album and video to the delight of her listening audience. Titled Iseoluwa, the work made possible by her ever-supportive parents, as well as her project manager and producer, Frank Harrison-Uke.Narrating her journey into music, Iseoluwa said, “I’m a young girl whose musical talent was discovered at age five by my mum, who also is a singer herself in church. I became a prominent singer in my school choir at Emerald Primary School, Ogun State, taking lead and back up roles. My tender voice, when discovered, was subjected to vocal lessons by my music teacher Mr. Frank.”

According to the young artiste, “At age 11, my mum, dad and Mr. Frank, my teacher, saw the need to encourage me to explore my musical talent by recording my first single titled Iseoluwa meaning the work of God. The song talks about the greatness of God through his wonderful works.”

For her mother Mrs. Gloria Abidemi, Iseoluwa’s musical talent was discovered at a very tender age.“Those days, whenever she hears the Ise Oluwa tune on Channels Television as a little child, she would sing along. We thought it was one of the things children do and would soon stop with age, but she continued. When she’s carried away, she starts scribbling and singing out what she is writing. Although music is her passion, it still has to be education first.”

She continued: “We have set a timetable for music and education to ensure both are balanced. It has to be education first before music. Once your child is good at something, grab it and make use of it,” she said.

As for her father Rotimi Abidemi, “She wants to study Law and we trust God. One day I was taking her to school and she said she wanted to form a band; God is blessing us with talents as our other children are also coming up. I listen to Asa a lot when I want to listen to secular music, but she is going to stick with the gospel,” he assured.

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