Wednesday, 17th August 2022
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Cycling Federation boss becomes CISM President

The Certified Institute of Sports Management (CISM) Nigeria, has appointed the National President of Cycling Federation of Nigeria

The Certified Institute of Sports Management (CISM) Nigeria, has appointed the National President of Cycling Federation of Nigeria, Chief Giandomenico Massari (FCISM), as the new President and Chairman of the Governing Council of the institute.

A statement from the institute, signed by the Registrar and Secretary of the Governing Council, Dr. Stanley Ihedigbo (FCISM), indicated that the appointment is effective from Monday, August 1, 2022.

Chief Giandomenico Massari (FCISM)

CISM, the first in Africa, for the development and management of human capacity in sporting activities in Nigeria.

Also the professional institute established to professionalise sports management and create dynamism in sporting activities in line with global trends.


Prior to this announcement, Massari was the First Vice President and Vice Chairman of the Governing Council of the institute.

He joined the sports management institute in 2021 and has been supporting the growth of CISM. He is an executive member of Africa Cycling Federation and has contributed not in small measure in the development of cycling in the country.

Massari was born on November 22, 1954 in Ancona, Italy and has Higher National Diploma ( HND) in marine engineering in 1974, Bachelor of Science in Electronic Engineering in 1984, Masters of Science in Electronic Engineering (Computer and Automation) in 1991 in the UK.

He is a member of various professional bodies both in Nigeria and abroad, including member, National Society of Chartered Chief Engineers Captain (Italy); member, Internet Society (USA) and senior member, Institute of Electrical/Electronic Engineering (USA).

He also senior member , America Society for Quality (USA); Fellow, Nigeria Society of Nigeria and registered member of Council for the Regulation of Engineers in Nigeria.

The sports administrator was conferred the chieftaincy title of Enyioha 1 of Rumuchiorlu, by the Eze of Chiorlu community in Port Harcourt, River States, B.A Worgu.

Apart from Nigeria, he had lived in South Korea, India, China, Taiwan, Japan and Indonesia.

Massari came to Nigeria and joined DANALEC Limited PH Nigeria and he is the brain behind the establishment of Rumuchiorlu Information Technology (IT) centre.

According to him, “I always say that knowledge is power. Knowledge is the new currency. In the sense that the more you know the more you are valued as a person. For that reason, we established an IT Centre to increase the knowledge of the people in the community.”

Massari is also known to give scholarship to children of the less privileged in the community, from primary school to the university level. Such underprivileged children that he is personally sponsoring in school include are very important people in the society.