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‘Pacquiao better equipped to beat Mayweather’


manny pacquiao vs floyd mayweather1MANNY Pacquiao has a better chance of beating Floyd Mayweather now than he did in 2010, claims his trainer, Freddie Roach.

The pair came close to agreeing a big-money bout five years ago but it eventually fell through, leaving the boxing world waiting and wondering whether they would ever meet. But after half a decade of speculation, the pair will finally go head-to-head in Las Vegas djokoon May 2 – and Roach believes his man will have the advantage at the MGM Grand.

Asked whether the 2010 or 2015 version of Pacquiao would have a better chance of victory against the unbeaten Mayweather, Roach told ‘That is an interesting question because there are obviously trade-offs between the two versions of Manny. But I am convinced that the 2015 model is the more formidable fighter for a few reasons.

‘Back in 2010, Manny was still growing into a welterweight. His first two welterweight fights were against Oscar De La Hoya in 2008 and Miguel Cotto in 2009 where he only weighed 142 and 144 pounds respectively, and in between he dropped down to 138 to fight Ricky Hatton.

‘Floyd has been campaining as a welterweight since 2005 and weighed 150 in his fight against De La Hoya so that might have given Floyd an advantage. I still like Manny’s chances in that fight but I think the Manny of today has a lot more in his favour.

‘In 2010 the two-year age difference between the fighters was not significant to either, but that’s not true today. Floyd at 38 is doing things he didn’t do in the past. Floyd is a defensive genius but he has always depended on his legs to perform and you can see now that his legs do not have the same spring or fluidness of his earlier years.

Mayweather remains the bookmakers’ favourite for the $300 million mega-fight next month, but Roach is adamant that Pacquiao is primed to cause an upset.

‘The 2015 version of Manny is more mature, smarter and less reckless than the 2010 version,’ said Roach. ‘He will be treating the ring like a chess board anticipating Floyd’s moves – ready to cut him off and attack every time he creates an opening.

‘I have all the confidence in the world that Manny is going to knock Floyd out on May 2.’

On Saturday Filipino-fighter Pacquiao tested his fitness against the steepness of some mountain roads.
It is now less than a month until both boxers meet in Las Vegas for what is being dubbed as the richest fight in boxing history.
The fight on May 2 is expected to break the pay-per-view record of $152 million set by that fight in 2013, and is also expected to surpass the 2.5 million buys that Mayweather’s fight against Oscar De La Hoya accumulated in 2007.

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  • repugnicant

    Yeah, well, maybe go back and view that Mayweather/De La Hoya fight, with Oscar flayling away in the later rounds, both arms tick-tocking back and forth – JUST LIKE PACQUIAO – and Mayweather having a field day on Oscar’s face.

    Sure, I get it that Pacquiao is a likable chap, but GEEZUZ, let’s be honest: Pacquiao’s never changing assault is tailor made for Floyd. And with Mayweather strength training now, I doubt Pacquiao can handle too many of those straight rights before calling it a night.

    • edwin beyeres

      what ? Many straight Right ? or many straight Left /Right Hook. for Pacman.

      • Johan

        Pacman has poor defenses , and has a soft jaw and can’t handle smart fighters like Floyd who defends well , has fast combinations and is very mobile . Pacman suffers disorientation and loses focus if his predictable direct/linear attack pattern is frustrated by a smart and enduring smart boxer such as Floyd on May 2 . Verdict : Floyd knocks out Pacman rd 9 .

  • Juan dela Cruz xxx

    Mayweather is determined to do everything to win this fight at all cost.
    The secret weapon: Money!, Armed with blank check (Mayweather believed everyone have the tag price) He negotiate with Memo Heredia to provide him the “power pellets” that Marquez used to KO Pacquiao. Then bribe the USADA. If there’s no KO, all judges will declare Mayweather the winner. The 3 blind mice and the referee were amongst Mayweather payroll. In case Pacquiao KO Mayweather, the USADA will declare Pacquiao blood test result will be positive on PED.

    • Peter

      That’s a big possibility given the shrewdness of the Mayweathers.

      • Sugar Nick

        Based on what?

        • Peter

          Based on what? LOL We have a blind nuthugger ladies and gentlemen. Just one look at the history of actions by team Mayweather and their behavior and an elementary pupil can figure it out already. Just zip it.

          • Sugar Nick

            Exactly. You can’t give one good,credible example of evidence to support your claim. So keep “LOL” about everything you lazy cunt.

          • Peter

            I don’t have to coz a blind fool like you won’t still acknowledge it even if I shove it on your turd nuthugging face. lol Freakin slowpoke.

          • Sugar Nick

            That’s a good excuse. You have nothing to argue with. You’re just being a huffing jizz bag.

            And I’m not even a Maywather fan. I hope Pac knocks the smug look off his face. I just think bold claims should have evidence. You silly old fool.

          • Peter

            If you’re still looking for evidence that guys in the Mayweather team from the fighter to the manager, thinking they are not capable of bribing anyone and doing dirty stuff just to win a fight, judging by their behavior and history, then you must be really a blind slowpoke who just pretend to know something.

    • Sugar Nick

      Complete unfounded conspiracy theory bullshit. Marquez KO’d Pacquiao with what those familiar with boxing call a ” counter punch.” You are simply making things up. After the Manny-Floyd fight is over,you are not allowed to ever talk about boxing again.

  • jemsbon

    If USADA would get blood from Pacquaio one hour before the fight there is a chance that Manny may not win against Mayweather..

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  • Kidd Kulafu Guerrero

    Bieber is jealous because Floyd, Ariza and Memo had threesome the other day as part of their new strength preparation.