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The curious case of boxing


David A. Smith/Getty Images/AFP

Boxing fitness is the gift that keeps on giving. One of the oldest sports known to mankind, here are five secret immediate benefits of boxing fitness that boxers won’t reveal.

For years, on a global scale, boxing has been on a steady upward trajectory as the sport experiences now, more than ever, its training methods being positioned on a commercial platform.

Boxers, aesthetically, are some of the most physically impressive specimens on planet earth. The average look is a natural lean and toned physique, which most people would like, without the unnatural bulk that perhaps weight training can develop for you. Couple that with the functionality of the sport in terms of life self defense skills, it does not take rocket science to identify that the training routines boxers undertake are some of, if not the most effective type of training to get in optimum physical and mental condition.


Interesting facts that you may not know about boxing fitness.
• There’s a reason Victoria’s Secret models are now all on a boxing fitness regime as part of their selection process to get in phenomenal shape for their casting shots.
• Boxing has been factually linked with slowing down the effects of Parkinson’s disease and is widely used across gyms in Australia, Asia, the UK and the United States.Here are the five secret benefits of boxing fitness that boxers don’t want you to know.

(1) Boxing is a full body workout.
Only the uninformed will believe boxing to be an upper body workout only. When done properly, boxing is a full body workout as one of the main attributes of a good boxing fitness exercise is the fact that it educates learners and established pros on how to use their legs and feet effectively to get in and out of advantageous and disadvantageous positions during boxing drills.Leg endurance is key to the sport, so expect to feel leg weary as well as upper body weary after having a full boxing fitness class.

(2) Commercialized boxing fitness classes are non-contact.
There is a stigma with boxing in NIGERIA that one must get hit and damaged. However, the sport has evolved on the fitness side of things to get fit and not hit, meaning you can have a perfectly authentic boxing session without getting touched even once. The essence is to take you through a workout in a safe and non-contact platform where you will sweat and train like fighter without getting the bruises or hits.

This is a concept that we are fairly behind on here in Nigeria but has been fully embraced globally thus the fact that models, and elderly people globally are also embracing boxing fitness as their primary workout.


Female boxing fitness classes are superbly well attended globally and the traditional training methods of boxers are being used to get ladies back to their pre-baby weights as well as keep pregnant women maintaining their weight.

(3) Boxing is 90 percent mental 10 percent physical
The ability to go through the physical aspect of this sport and the fitness prepares you mentally for not only the sport but for life’s obstacles.
It is common for gyms globally to have very popular kids boxing classes which are non contact and it instills discipline, dedication, commitment, mental fortitude, grit, respect, reveals character and most importantly, builds self confidence. Yet here in Nigeria, kids boxing is still seen as taboo, which is a shame as we are essentially missing out on a gem and phenomenal opportunity to develop our kids through a tried and tested non-contact sporting platform. Boxing is actually in many school curriculums around the world as it has scientifically been proven to better the development of kids.

Boxing is like a life hack and the sport is sacred to that fact; however, it is never too late to get involved in boxing fitness classes so you too can experience the outstanding sport.

Females tend to be much easier to teach boxing and pick it up faster
It might be quite surprising to read this, but not really to those who coach the sport.Girls and ladies generally come to boxing fitness sessions with no preconceived notions and if they do, it is generally easier to guide them away from bad habits than it is to do the same for men.

This is a generalization of course, let’s get that clear, as I have coached some superb men, who are beginners and some ladies who want to knock the pads off my hands.

However, on the whole, females approach the sport the right way, which is by focusing on learning proper technique before trying to apply power, while men can sometimes be caught guilty of trying to apply power before learning the right technique.

This often comes about due to what we watch on TV, as we see the superstars like Anthony Joshua, Mike Tyson, Ali etc. throwing power shots and knocking people down. However, it is not quite what it seems and that is a lesson that is learned once we embark on taking boxing fitness sessions and learning more about the “sweet science “ as it is famously called.


The average Elitebox boxing fitness class burns 1,200 calories within one hour
With a mix of high intensity interval training and unique boxing fitness training routines, it is standard practice that all levels burn over 1000 calories per session at Elitebox, which has been measured on various platforms, which speaks to the point that you cannot box without getting fit.

In conclusion, the benefits of boxing fitness are quite astounding and for those already utilizing the sport as an avenue for fitness here in Nigeria, they are many steps ahead on the fitness ladder as it has and continues to prove to be the reliable tried and tested path to getting in stellar condition, while having fun and benefitting from auxiliary advantages as mentioned above.

It is important to mention that if you do choose to use boxing as a fitness alternative to add diversity to your workouts or as your main workout, make sure you seek out the best and Elitebox are the first and only commercial boxing gym in Lagos with globally certified and accredited trainers that can take you through the routine safely, effectively and with a lot of fun along the way.For Elitebox 1 year anniversary month, classes every Sunday in May are free so take advantage to get a class trial at the gym.
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