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YASA unveils travel package for Qatar 2022

By Ifeanyi Ibeh
19 June 2022   |   4:05 am
As football fever grips the Middle East country of Qatar, leading management company based in Dubai, YASA, has named a first of its kind exclusive travel package that will see football fans stay in Dubai and watch FIFA World Cup matches in Qatar.

Founder and CEO of YASA, Sajid Barkat (second left); JETEX Founder and CEO, Adel Mardini (second right), and others<br />

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As football fever grips the Middle East country of Qatar, leading management company based in Dubai, YASA, has named a first of its kind exclusive travel package that will see football fans stay in Dubai and watch FIFA World Cup matches in Qatar.

The 2022 FIFA World Cup is scheduled to hold between November 21 and December 18.

The deal will provide football fans an enriching experience of warm Arab hospitality and the best of both Dubai and Doha, the Qatari capital.

The bespoke travel package will offer customers exceptional value as it will include luxury hotel accommodation in Dubai, limousine transportation, as well as return private jet and chartered flights between Dubai and Doha for the most seamless FIFA World Cup travel experience.

The packages are designed in collaboration with JETEX, a leading private aviation brand in Dubai, offering private jet access to Doha for YASA’s customers at preferential rates with luxury and comfort travel guaranteed.

About 500,000 football fans and tourists are expected to book the YASA packages ahead of the World Cup.

YASA is based in Dubai and will be providing travel packages for the biggest event of the season.

Dubai is the closest city to Qatar with 56-minute flight time in-between the two scenic cities.

It is a perfect way to follow the World Cup as most of the venues are in Doha. This means customers can travel from Dubai to Qatar right on time to watch their teams and return to Dubai by private chartered flight in less than one hour.

With the three packages available – platinum, gold and silver – football lovers can depart Dubai in the morning, watch the game in Doha, and return to their base in Dubai at the end of the day. And what better way to relax at luxury hotels in Dubai, which are offering some of the best experiences in the region.

Giving more details on the packages and their benefits, Founder & CEO, YASA, Sajid Barkat, said: “With over 3 million tickets on sale, the FIFA World Cup assures to bring thrilling experiences to the shores of the Middle East. Qatar is the smallest country ever to host a World Cup with its eight stadiums based around the capital and most populous city of Doha. Hence the accommodation facilities are expected to be full very quickly or available at premium prices.

“Though Qatar has planned hospitality in a very efficient way, it is expected to result in overspill of football fans and tourists to make their trip through Dubai. YASA has designed travel packages with a simple strategy: ‘Stay in Dubai and watch FIFA World Cup matches in Qatar’.

“We at YASA have kept our packages very competitive so that football fans can enjoy the spirit of football while having less focus on logistics which will be well taken care of by YASA.”

Thrilled to announce the collaboration between YASA Dubai and JETEX, Founder and CEO, JETEX, Adel Mardini said: “We are excited to announce a dedicated private jet service between Dubai and Doha, and invite all football fans to travel in utmost convenience and style for the World Cup.

“It is a great way to make the most of this historic sports event in Qatar, while skipping airport crowds and lengthy formalities of commercial terminals. The governing body FIFA revealed that they have received more than 23 million ticket requests; as such demand for private jets has shot up. JETEX has agreed for preferential rates and special benefits for YASA’s customers.”

Barkat added: “The FIFA 2022 World Cup is definitely a once in a lifetime opportunity for many. We are expecting roughly around 10 per cent of the total visitor’s bookings through YASA travel packages – for people to see their favourite team’s matches and at the same time enjoy Dubai’s luxurious life and tourist spots.

“We believe that having so many nationalities and people coming together from all over the world will elevate the World Cup into a big, social festival,” he said.

According to him, “with limited availability of hotels in Doha itself, staying in Dubai is a highly attractive option, not only because of its proximity to the event destination but also because the city itself has so much to offer. By using YASA travel packages, it will be a double win for fans to experience both amazing cities Doha and Dubai.”

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