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11 ways to improve your ministry now


Akin-John Francis Bamibola

Ministry is quite different from church. Ministry is personal to you. It’s your calling, vision, assignment and divine mandate. Ministry is what you are gifted for by God. It is God alone that “puts” you or “puts” ministry in you. (1Timothy 1;12) If God did not put you in ministry no man can. To improve the effectiveness and spiritual impact of your ministry, it’s very important to go back to the One who came to fulfill the ministry given to Him by His Father. Here are some simple ways from the ministry of Jesus to improve your ministry today:

• Love is the surest foundation for ministry. Do ministry out of heart of love, not hatred, bitterness or indignation. Love for God, leadership, nation and people must be the deep underlying factor for your ministry. Genuine, agape love must be your propeller for ministry.

• Be obedient to God. In the Garden of Gethsemane, Jesus prayed, “Not as I will, but as You will” (Matt. 26:39), but this cry marked His entire life. Your ministry can be stronger today if you can say with integrity, “Your will be done – whatever that is.” Let obedience to God saturate your life and work.


• Get over yourself. Jesus was the Son of God, yet He pointed away from Himself to the Father. His desire was to please the Father always (John 8:29), following His commands even to His death (John 10: 17-18). Decide today that you are not the most important person in your ministry, and your work will be stronger. Overcome selfishness and self-centredness, then your ministry will blossom.

• Teach with clarity and relevance. Those around Him said nobody ever taught with authority like Jesus did (Mark 1:27). He taught, though, with simple images relevant to His hearers like a farmer sowing seed and houses with foundations. It is the gospel of Jesus’ death, resurrection and soon coming that will transform people, not your own gospel of this world

• Take the gospel to non-believers. Jesus came for the sick, not for the well (Matt. 9:12). Take time today to tell somebody about the story of Jesus. You’ll likely find your ministry to be much more exciting because you did what Jesus did.

• Develop gospel sensitivity to others. Maybe you remember the story of the bleeding woman who touched Jesus’ garment in Mark 5. A large crowd pressed around Jesus, but still He felt the distinct touch of a desperate woman. If you want to strengthen your ministry, ask God to help you today not to walk past hurting people. Your ministry will only improve when it’s bringing healing to hurting people around you.

• Take somebody with you when you do ministry. Jesus called His disciples to walk with Him, watch Him, and listen to Him. Inviting others to do ministry with us is both protective (it provides accountability) and productive (it provides training). The days of Lone Ranger ministry are gone forever.

• Invest in two to three others. Jesus had 12 disciples, of course, but He focused on Peter, James, and John. You can strengthen your ministry by deciding to pour your life into two to three others today. Provide coaching, mentoring and, impartation to close associates.

• Release others, and then hold them accountable. Jesus modeled faithfulness for His followers, gave them instructions, sent them as His representatives, and corrected them when necessary (Luke 10:1-12, 17-20). Today, let your members do their work, and then help them through supportive accountability. Allowing others to use their gifts and manifest their own God-given ministries leads to mighty multiplications.

• Pray for your co-labourers. Jesus prayed all night before calling His disciples (Luke 6:12-13). He interceded for them and for those who would believe through their work (John 17).

• Get alone with God when you need it. Even when the crowds wanted to hear Him and the sick wanted healing, Jesus prioritised time with the Father (Luke 5:15-16). Push away from the crowds long enough to be renewed today, and then get back to the task. Your ministry will be stronger.
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