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Adewunmi’s handbook on how to make marriage beautiful


Marriage has been identified as the major institution that keeps homes, communities, nations and the entire world together. Successful homes provide stability and peace and therefore an enabling environment for progress and development.

When two people come together as husband and wife, they need to learn many things. During the learning period, problems that may lead to divorce are bound to come up, and how they handle them is what may make or mar the union.

However, the painful experience marriage failure could be avoided if couples have the privilege of reading Your Marriage Can Be Beautiful by Emmanuel Bankole Adewunmi. It is an inspirational and motivational book that encourages married couples. It explains in details how to enhance marriage, make it blissful and enjoyable.

It offers advice on making the best choices and avoiding the mistakes of marrying the wrong person. The book gives solution to various problems, and reveals the secret of the ultimate solution to all marital problems.

Though Adewunmi acquired degrees in political science from the University of Lagos and Business Administration at Obafemi Awolowo University respectively, the urgency to address the marriage institution spurred him to undertake a research, which he backs up with biblical injunction to produce the book.

The book deals with the purpose of marriage, under which legal system, social reasons, religious reasons, cultural and emotional, as well as libidinal and others needs it should be contracted. According to the author, the libidinal reason for marriage includes married people being protected from sexually transmitted diseases.

The reasons why people marry and problems in the society and extra marital affair, which has become prevalent, is properly discussed as well as single parenthood syndrome. According to Adewunmi, single parenting is breeding dysfunctional individuals in society.

For those who marry because someone asked them to, the author provides some reasons for getting married. He advises against ‘I am getting old syndrome,’ which leads to desperation among other reasons. A good and valuable advice for prospective marriage is to look deeply, with evidence that love overcomes all.

A lot of people may not even know what causes marriage failure. So that when they begin to see the signs, they can nip it in the bud. The author mentions at least 53 reasons, and explains them all. There are many reasons that couples overlook, which cause marriage failure.

The author also gives some simple commandments for a happy married life. He gives solutions to problems whenever they arise. Finally, Adewunmi concludes by saying the ultimate solution to marriage failure is rooted in God and backs it up with quotes from the bible. The author tries to take the reader back to the originator of marriage so they see for themselves what it was created for.

Adherents of other religions may find the book problematic. Some religions even permit more than one wife. It would be a great deal to research such marriages to see what works for them and how to help them have successful marriages.

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