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After salvation, what next?



Salvation is a beautiful thing; it gets the whole of heaven in a state of rejoicing. There is always joy in heaven over a sinner that gets saved. Salvation, however, isn’t the end of the whole process of being a Christian. Salvation signifies the birth of a new creature.

Therefore, the saved soul is more or less a baby in Christ, and babies by nature of their psyche need help and guidance till they come of age. There will be teething difficulties in the early stages of the journey, but with the right support system and attitude, growth is guaranteed.

Though salvation is a personal decision, the journey afterwards cannot be navigated in isolation. New believers need the encouragement of more established and spiritually matured brethren. Hebrew (10:24-25). The fellowship with one another must be encouraged at all times for the purpose of learning and praying together, hence it is of paramount importance to locate a church for worship of God and fellowship with the brethren.

Prayer is the master key, an important part of a Christian’s daily life. Therefore, as a new convert in Christ, it is an art that must be cultivated, practised and mastered.

As a new soul in Christ, the heart and mind need to be fortified to repel any contrary and harmful thoughts. This is where the sound teaching of God’s Word comes into play.

Bible study with other children of God, but more importantly, a personal time for reading, understanding and meditating on the Bible must be a priority.

This is very necessary because it is through the word that we learn the doctrine and God’s commandments (2Timothy 3:16). God’s Word is a believer’s shield to fake doctrines and false prophets (Ephesians 6:17)

As a new convert in Christ, baptism by immersion in a flowing river is simply non-negotiable. (Acts 22:16), It is not just a Christian ritual, but also a requisite condition to be fully recognised in heaven as child of God. It is the confirmation of a believer’s death to carnality of the flesh (1Peter 3:21) and a readiness to receive the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Ghost is the most important gift every new believer must strive to have, because it is the only known antidote to sin. The Holy Spirit is a comforter, teacher and an advocate.

A life without Him will have a hard time resisting sin and prevailing over Satan. (John 14:26), When trials and tribulation come tumbling down on you, the Holy Spirit, our Comforter will be with you all the way through to the end. (John 14:16)

Salvation in Christ is beautiful like I earlier stated, but growing in Christ brings an even greater joy. I encourage you to keep exercising your newfound faith in Christ and watch the transformation of God in your life.

Have a blessed week brethren. Peace of the Almighty I leave with you.

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