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Archbishop Ediwe leads Council Of Bishops to Mgbidi 2020


Delegation of the Council of Bishops in Nigeria and Niger Delta Bishops and Ministers’ Forum during the Mgbidi 2020 Chosen Crusade.

The just-concluded annual spiritual retreat of the Lord’s Chosen Charismatic Revival Ministry was all about success. One of the activities that brought about the accomplishment of the event was the presence of the Council of Bishops in Nigeria and Niger Delta Bishops and Ministers Forum, led by His Eminence, Archbishop Julius Ediwe.

Addressing the congregation of over 500, 000, comprising representatives from 70 countries, the President of the council, Archbishop Julius Ediwe, who spoke on behalf of the delegation, commended the General Overseer of The Lord’s Chosen, Pastor Lazarus Muoka for his astute preaching of salvation to Nigerians and the world.

Making this remark at the four-day international crusade tagged, “What God has determined shall be done”, held at the Chosen Revival Ground, Mgbidi, Imo State, Ediwe thanked God for not allowing detractors, who were spreading fake news about the servant of God, to destroy the great things God was using Pastor Muoka to do. According to him, if not that God were with Pastor Muoka, the Chosen Ministry would not have withstood the barrage of calumny targeted at him by enemies of the truth. So, overcoming that storm is proof that God Almighty called him.


He said: “I was just imagining some fake stories we heard some years ago, and what God whispered to me was: ‘How could one small girl from unknown family and country want to destroy this kind of great revival, which even unbelievers have attested to?’ For God has come to deliver men from the kingdom of darkness to the Kingdom of Heaven through The Lord’s Chosen. The lady was from the pit of hell. Thus, she wanted to obstruct and spoil this revival, which means if she had succeeded in tarnishing the General Overseer’s name years ago, we would not see what we are seeing now. I want to thank God for the General Overseer for his perseverance.”

Ediwe, who revealed that he was representing Al-Mustapha at the programme, said his visit was also inspired by the great work that God was using Pastor Lazarus Muoka to do, adding that the council of Bishops, which has over 10, 000 bishops in the country, has decided to partner the Lord’s Chosen Church.

Ediwe stated: “Al-Mustapha called from the U.S. that I should come and represent him at this crusade cum 17th anniversary that the Chosen is celebrating. So, we came to celebrate with the Lord’s Chosen, and we are telling the General Overseer that we want to partner with him in this great assignment of causing grassroots revival all over the whole world, as well as assisting in actualising the mandate of ten billion souls for the Kingdom of Heaven. We use the opportunity to tell people that have been speaking evil against the ministry to desist. Every clergyman needs to work with the Chosen for the great thing God is using the Pastor to do. Although I have been watching him on the screen, this is the first time I am seeing him face to face.

“When Al-Mustapha called me that I should come and represent him at this programme, I asked him if he knows Pastor Muoka. And he affirmed and said, ‘he is the pastor that prays for me when I was in Prison.’ I was shocked. He continued and said if not for Pastor Muoka’s prayer, he would have died in prison. He also made me to understand that it was in that prison he met Jesus Christ. And if he received Jesus in prison, it is because Daddy G O of the Lord’s Chosen prayed for him. I want to say this: Even though Al-Mustapha is a Muslim, he has met Jesus. If a Muslim can be calling an archbishop, and every day we meet in Abuja, and talk about Chosen, preaching about what God of Chosen can do, then there is something good in Chosen. He told me that though many people preach in Nigeria, the message of Chosen is power.”


While appreciating Pastor Muoka for his preaching, and the privilege of listening to him for the first time, he urged him to continue his good works.

“All the bishops standing before you are privileged to hear you. Continue with that message, all of us will meet in Heaven. Al-Mustapha also told me that the miracle he is about to receive now in this country is by the prayer of Pastor Lazarus Muoka. He said we should tell the congregation of the Chosen that God is with them; that he, Mustapha and all of us that are here now have become members of Chosen.”

Ediwe averred that Al-Mustapha asked that he (Ediwe) should implore the GO to continue to pray for him, as well as Nigeria, adding that the country has not recognised what the G.O. is doing because people don’t know how to celebrate their own, especially when the person is doing good.

He said: “I tell you, the whole world and Nigeria will begin to celebrate you. Al-Mustapha told me that this is 17 years of the ministry’s existence, and I’m still wondering how in just 17 years you have toured the whole world. What manner of man is Jesus that you are serving? I came here and saw people from South Africa, Philippine, Ukraine, Egypt, South Africa, US, Canada, UK and China, among others. Indeed, the whole world is represented. Although Al-Mustapha sent us here, Man of God, please, we need your prayers, so that we will carry a huge amount of the miracle of 2020 back home with us. We can see that truly God is with you,” he said.

On the relationship he has with Al Mustapha, he said: “I was his spiritual father during his presidential campaign- that was when he was to contest as President of this country. I was one of his campaign leaders, and we have been friends for some years now. That is my relationship with him.”

On his message for the country’s leadership, he said: “I think what we ask from our leaders is that they govern the country well, and make sure that everybody is benefitting from the country. They should ensure that everybody lives in peace.


“Chosen is real. Pastor Lazarus Muoka is real. He is preaching a good gospel, and anybody that is saying anything against Chosen is speaking against himself. Chosen is giving the right message. The G.O. is doing the right thing, and we have seen this with our eyes.”

Saying he was standing on behalf of all the clergymen in Nigeria, Ediwe revealed that he and other clerics would work with the Chosen Church to promote the good work the G. O is doing.

Speaking in a voice record played to all present, Al-Mustapha said in the course of service to humanity in the last 17 years, the Lord’s Chosen Church has no doubt witnessed an exemplified leadership that preached peaceful coexistence, knowledge, understanding and greater interaction with humanity.

He prayed for divine strength and other virtues of good leadership that the G. O. and pastors in the church will need to steer the flock aright.

He said: “Today, as you mark the 17th anniversary, also pray for humanity. I pray God Almighty will continue to strengthen you, and the officials of the Lords Chosen to do a lot more. We pray and wish you greater wisdom, tenacity, knowledge, and understanding, with which to continue to provide this sterling leadership. I regret my absence.”

In response to the Council of bishops’ presentation, Pastor Lazarus Muoka appreciated the presence of Archbishop Ediwe and his entourage at the crusade, as he prayed for them and commended them for doing restitution on behalf of churches that joined some individuals to make false allegations against the Chosen Church.

“I want to especially appreciate your coming, and I will also want to appreciate the very restitution that is being made on behalf of churches that spoke against us because they fought against the grace of God. But then, having come here today to speak on behalf of the churches, we believe God will heal our nation, God will heal our churches, God will preserve the church, God will reward our ministers, our clergy, and use them mightily to cause revival at the end. May God receive all the glory in Jesus’ mighty name.”

Calling on the congregation to pray for the Council of Bishops, he said: “Brethren, we are going to welcome and pray for them because they have declared openly that they are part of this ministry, and so, as they face you, all of you are going to pray for them, God will bless them more and more.”


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