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Battles against night attackers – Part I



A sister had a dream, where she was given a knife to cut the neck of a cow. When she cut it, the cow started shedding tears. She woke up not knowing the meaning of the dream. The next morning, her daughter, who was a student in a polytechnic, got hit by a car, as she was crossing the road and she died on the spot. On seeing the corpse, the sister noticed that there were tears in her daughter’s eyes, and it dawned on her that her daughter’s death was the handiwork of night attackers because the cow that was given to her to cut in the dream was her own daughter.

Who are these night attackers? They are those who use the cover of the night to attack men. They specialise in using the night hour, especially 11:30 pm, 12:00 am (midnight) and can extend it to 4:00 am. They specialise in truncating men’s destinies. Psalms 91:5-6 talks about the terror that walks by night and the pestilence in the darkness. So, in the night, they bring terror, thereby giving some people sleepless nights. They also bring sicknesses.


I remember a sister who had two daughters. The elder one woke up only to discover a lump in her breast, which was not there before. When they came to me for prayers, the woman vowed to sow the money billed for her daughter’s operation as a seed in the church. I laid hands on her daughter’s head and prayed; then I told them to go. By the time she left the church to her house, there was no trace of the lump. Two months later, the younger daughter had a dream in which she was beaten on her left breast and when she woke up, she noticed a reddish mark on it. By the next day, there was a lump on her breast. Her mother wondered why affliction should arise the second time. She told herself she would return to the source that God used the first time. This time, she did not vow on the condition that God would heal her daughter. Rather, she asked me if there was any project in the church, and she sowed into them by faith, believing that God had already done it. I laid hands on the daughter’s head and prayed for her and two days later, the lump had disappeared. These powers wait for the night when you are asleep because, at that moment, you are weak and tired. The Bible says, in Matthew 13:25 that when men slept, the enemy came to sow tares in the midst of the wheat. I pray for you; whatever it is that entered your life while you were asleep is leaving you in a hurry now.

The following are some powers that can attack in the night. First of them are the witchcraft powers: The story of the woman above who cut a cow unknown to her that it represented her daughter in the dream, is a typical example of witchcraft operations. She was a blind witch, who had been initiated unconsciously. Sometimes, witchcraft powers bring about evil visitations. When you close your eyes to sleep, something starts pressing on you and you find yourself struggling to shout the name of Jesus. Again, when you wake up to see marks and incisions from canes and razor blades on your body, it means that the night attackers are collecting your blood. They do this to form a covenant with you and take your blood as a point of contact. Every satanic blood bank where your blood is being kept, I set it on fire.

Another set of night attackers is the midnight farmers: These powers come to sow evil seeds into one’s life. I once prayed for a sister who vomited a wall gecko during the deliverance session. It had been moving in her head and almost made her go insane. This was brought about by the evil sowers. I pray for you; whatever is moving like a rat in your body, thereby causing you pain is coming out now in Jesus’ name. The Bible says in Matthew 15:13 “Every plant that my heavenly Father has not planted shall be rooted up.”

Prayer Points
My Father! Any problem that entered my life when I was asleep at night, in the name of Jesus, die!

2. My Father! Every blood bank of witches containing part of my blood, catch fire.

3. My Father! Demonic barbers assigned against my life, wherever you are, die!

4. Father! Whoever is coming to operate on me in the night, wherever they are coming from, I command them to catch fire!

5. My Father! Whoever has collected my glory, trading with my glory or is using my glory to shine in the spirit realm, wherever you come from, catch fire!

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