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Blessings of the hands


James O. James

There are some people, if you put N100m in their hands, before long it will all vanish, no matter how hard they try, whereas there are some others if given only N100, 000 with time will turn it into N100m. The difference is in their hands!

When God wants to bless someone, He blesses the works of their hands and when He wants to curse a person, He curses the works of their hands as well. In Deut 33:7 amongst the prayers therein is the phrase, “Let his hands be sufficient for him.” This is a scripture to claim this year, so that your hands will do great things. They will build houses for you. I pray that every weakness in your hands will disappear, and that God will empower your hands for good things. God has destined that your hands will be empowered to accomplish great things and will be sufficient for you.

In Exodus 17:11, God instructed Moses to sit somewhere and just raise his hands and that was all that was needed to ensure victory for Israel. What Moses did physically had spiritual implications, because as long as Moses’ hands were raised, Israel prevailed, but when his hands dropped Amalek prevailed. It was natural for Moses’ hands to grow weak, so Aaron and Hur held up his hands and strengthened him to ensure victory for God’s people.

There are helpers of your hands that will help and strengthen you to achieve success this year, and they will locate you in Jesus name.There is something about raised (lifted) hands! When we lift our hands in worship, blessings are released from heaven because your hand is your key to increase and prosperity. We also learn from the Scriptures that wisdom; strength and success can be transferred by the laying on of hands. Moses laid hands on Joshua and transferred not only authority, but also strength and wisdom on him. In 1 Tim 4:14 and 2 Tim 1:6, gifts were released into the life of Timothy by the laying on of hands by Paul. That is why it is not everyone hand that is laid on people that transfers blessings and promotion.

In Psalms 144:1, the Bible says that a man’s hands can be instruments of warfare with which to fight the wars of life. The enemy knows the importance of a man’s hands can wage war against it. War can also be staged against a man’s hands in the realm of the spirit. One way this is done is by bewitchment. If you see your hands handcuffed in the dream, then your hands are under attack. We are told in Deut 28:20 that the hands can experience vexation, cursing and rebuke aimed at bringing the person down.

Now, how do we know a man whose hands are under attack?
• Sudden loss of job.
• When income drops drastically and mysteriously.
• When one loses money mysteriously.
• Anything you touch does not turn out well.
• Difficulty in gathering money. Anything you try to gather disappears.
• When one is very intelligent but no job or iota of success.
• Working hard but nothing to show for it.

How can bewitchment of the hands arise?
• Shedding innocent blood.
• Taking bribes.
• Incisions on the hands.
• When one’s finger nails are used for ritual.
• Employing the wrong person to work for you or working for the wrong person.
• Partnering with the wrong person.

No matter what else you have what you need is prayers. Nobody can pray your prayers for you, so stop chasing after prayer contractors. Every born again child of God is expected to have strong hands that can transfer blessings, but to achieve this involves praying without ceasing. I pray that every power sitting on your hands will be unseated today in Jesus name.

Prayer points:
• Every evil hand upon my hand, jump out by fire.
• O God my father, promote the works of my hands.
• O God my father, bless my hands to be strong for great achievements this year.
• O God release your blessing on my hands, so that whatever I lay my hands on will prosper.
• By the power of the God of Elijah, I cut off every evil hand in my destiny.
• I declare that I am moving on, God is on my side and no man or woman can stop me in Jesus name.
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