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Breaking chains of the wicked



Text: Acts 16:16-26
In Acts 16:16-26, Paul and Silas were on divine assignment and they saw a possessed damsel that went about saying they were men of God and she followed them for many days. Paul cast the demon out of her and they were put in prison bonded with chains. But when they began praising God, suddenly, the chains got broken.

Below are some chains of the wicked. First is the chain of infirmity. In Luke 13:11-16, we see the case of a woman who had been bent for 18 years. She had spent all she had to get healing to no avail. The more she spent, the more her condition grew worse. She came for a meeting where Jesus was ministering. When Jesus saw her, He discovered she was held bound and said to her, “Woman thou art loose”. Immediately, the chains of infirmity that held her bound left he, and she got up and began to walk.

There was a man suffering from migraine headache for ten years. This made him to go to a witch doctor for solution and he was told to buy 100 razor blades. Fifty razor blades were used to cut his head and a black substance was applied on the head. Thereafter, he was told to break the remaining fifty blades into bits and eat it daily. The man started eating razor blades from that day, but still, there was no solution rather it got worse. When the headache surfaced on one side of the head, he would begin to hit the head against the wall, in order to get a little relief. Someone invited him to one of our Thursday interdenominational programmes and he came. As I was about to preach, the Lord told me that there is someone in the congregation that had been having migraine headache for a long time, that he was healed and I said it. While preaching, the Lord reiterated it and I said it the second time and everyone said ‘Amen.’ The man in question went home and discovered the following morning that he didn’t experience the migraine headache all through the night. He observed it for one week and discovered that he was completely sound. He was amazed and came to testify to God’s glory.


The second chain is the chain of captivity. (Mark 5:1nn-10). When the chain of captivity holds you bound, you can be physically okay but spiritually tied. You will discover that your life is limited and you can’t do or go to where you want. You will be having all kinds of dreams, where you will either see yourself locked in a cage/house, writing exam in your former primary/secondary school, carrying firewood or fetching water in the village, or working for someone and being tossed to and fro like a slave. Some will feel like running mad.

Again, there is the chain of anti-prosperity. If anti-prosperity chain is operating in your life, it will chain down your progress and whatever you lay your hands on will not excel and you will end up in penury. In 2 Kings 4:1-7, there is a story of a prophet, who because he was in debt mortgaged his two sons as collateral in case he was unable to pay the debt. Thank God for the wife, who salvaged the situation by running to the prophet for help and she was given a directive, which she acted on to get her breakthrough.

The fourth one is the chain of death. When the chain of death holds a man, he will be having strange experiences. He might have a dream and see himself eating, talking or discussing with dead people. Sometimes, he might see that he is already dead and in a casket in his dream. This is a sign that the chain of death has held him bound and if nothing is done about it, with time the chain will drag him to death. A sister once told me that every night she usually heard different voices calling her name and whenever she slept she would see herself on an obituary poster, which shows her date of birth to the next month of the current year. She also saw herself in a casket and a funeral procession was being made, while her husband and children were crying. In the spirit realm, it has been ordained that she will die in that particular month. I prayed for her and she was run through deliverance. The chain was broken and that nonsense came to an end in her life

I pray for you, every chain of the wicked that is holding you bond will break now in Jesus name.
Rev. John Okene
Divine Touch Int’l Ministries. Warri, Delta State
Prayerline: +2348135952623

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