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Breaking the power of shame


Rev. John Okene

At the beginning of creation, God placed Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden.

The scriptures say in Gen. 2:25 that they were both naked but not ashamed. This is because the Shekinah glory of God covered them, but this glory was soon taken away immediately they disobeyed the divine instruction given to them by God. They suddenly discovered that they were naked and tried to cover themselves with fig leaves. This brings us to the origin of shame and it is the power the devil is using today to embarrass and terrorise men. Shame is a situation that brings the loss of face, respect and honour to an individual. A lot of things can cause shame and the first of them all is SIN, as we see in our Bible text. The story of David and Bathsheba in adultery is another typical example.


In order to cover up the shame of their adulterous act, they went deeper into sin by committing murder. Men find it difficult to stand the shame of the consequences of their actions, hence, today, some people can walk out of the church instead of receiving discipline for their misbehaviour. Many by this, have missed their place of blessing. Just as shame came into the world through the first Adam, so Jesus the last Adam had to go through shame (Heb. 12:1-2) to destroy the grip of its power over our lives. Whenever a man sins, therefore, he is breaking the defence Christ has given us over shame, as we see in Exodus 32:25. Another thing that can bring shame to a man is series of DISAPPOINTMENT. This can come in marriage, business, job, academics and so on. A lady sewed four wedding gowns on different occasions because of disappointment in marriage. This made her hide her face in shame until she met us and after intensive prayers, that nonsense came to an end in her life and today she is happily married with children.

The third thing that can cause shame is POVERTY. This makes men bury their heads in the midst of their peers. Many people hide from their creditors because of debts of rent, school fees and some essential purchases. Jesus has paid the ultimate price for our prosperity. He became poor so that we might be made rich and in Zech. 1:17 says we shall be known everywhere through prosperity. “I, therefore, decree that God will silent all your debts and lift up your face among men in Jesus’ name”. When the power of shame is operating in a man’s life, it can make him spend more than his income. Some people mortgage their incomes for such irrelevant things as excessive jewellery, clothing, fashion and other luxuries of life. They go about borrowing and buying things on credit. This is the power of shame at work, pushing you to impress people who have no relevance in your life. This puts you in continuous and embarrassing depths. It is not normal.


“May God destroy that power from your life in Jesus’ name”. Again, BARRENESS can cause shame. In 1 Sam. 1, Hannah was despised, just as some married ladies can’t go to the village or certain places because the only greetings they receive is centered on their delay in childbearing. Some years ago, one of my daughters cried to me that her marriage was being threatened because she had only female children. She had been given an ultimatum to leave if she didn’t have a male child. I prayed with her and not quite long afterwards, she became pregnant.

In the seventh month, her husband in his desperation demanded a scan to ascertain the sex of the child. She cried to me again because the result showed a female. I told her emphatically that it was a male child and she should decide whether to believe God’s report or medical science. Her little faith was strengthened and I prayed with her again. In the ninth month, she delivered a bouncing baby boy. The mother-in-law and all who despised her and instigated her husband to kick her out earlier began to celebrate. “May God clothe you permanently from all your shame in Jesus’ name”.

Rev John Okene, Divine Touch Int’l Ministries
Warri, Delta State.
Prayerline: +2348135952623


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