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The power of character




One crucial area of a man’s life that requires serious attention is his character. Your character will either make or break you. Your character will either promote or demote you. This is why good character can never be substituted for anything. Character determines where we go and how fast we get there. As a matter of fact, I see character as the power point of destiny. Where one ends up in life is a function of his/her character. I have seen so many highly gifted people being grounded. Young folks who have enormous potentials, but end up as a thrash. Why? This is because no matter one’s gifts or skills, if good character is lacking, one is bound to be cast down. And this is why character still remains the capital key to success in life.

Success without character is a risk. Greatness without character is heading for the rocks. Character does not just guarantee success, it also preserves it.

We are in a society where people value reputation more than character. But we must also understand that reputation is what we are in the public, while character is what we are in the private. Character is not defined by how we look, but by who we are. You don’t need to look good to become good. Many beliefs that once a person is looking good outwardly that makes such person good; this is a big lie. Character is not what you wear, but who you are.


What then is Character?
Over the years, thousands of definitions have been used to explain the word ‘character.’ However, I will like to use one or two definitions as related to my own personal point of view.

Character is the combination of features and qualities of an individual. Every human has a belief system. This belief system determines how we think and what we think, which later result to our physical actions. It is also important to note that the qualities of what we exhibit, as behaviour is a product of what we believe.

Therefore, we can define character as the product of our thoughts and believes. Looking at the two definitions we can as well conclude by saying character is not a gift, but a choice.

Nobody has the gift of good character, neither is anyone unlucky to have bad character. It all bounces back to our choices.Everyone decides where to go and how to go. It’s all a matter of choice. However, good character is a product of positive moral values. These deals with what we believe to be right and wrong. At a point in one’s life, he/she will be left to do the right thing or the wrong thing. Good character is never a gift, but can be built by accepting responsibilities that accompany it. A man’s gift is as safe as the character that manifests it.

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