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Christian dressing

By Prophet O. Azuka
09 May 2021   |   2:05 am
The teaching on Christian dressing is very important for heaven-bound believers. The system of the world is never in consonant with the standard of God’s Word on Christian dressing.


The teaching on Christian dressing is very important for heaven-bound believers. The system of the world is never in consonant with the standard of God’s Word on Christian dressing. The world treasures on worldliness and it fantasies; moderation in dressing as stipulated by God’s Word, is not adhered to by the world. Little wonder, Jesus warned His followers not to meddle with the world. This is a wise counsel to every believer!

Worldly dressing is flagrant exhibition of selfishness. This is the reason worldliness thrives; the world does not put God’s Word into consideration. They do not seek God’s interest in their actions and lifestyle nor interrogate whether their actions or inactions negate the Word of God. The world is so licentious that God is never in their consciousness. The world does not give thought to corresponding consequences of their actions, hence, the warning to Christians to come out from the world.

The crux of this message is predicated on the fact that our body, as Christians, is the temple of the Holy Ghost. There are reasons why we dress as believers: it is to cover our nakedness (Gen. 3:10; 21); we are not permitted, as believers to wear transparent clothes that expose nakedness. It is to keep our body warm; we dress to protect our body from harsh weather; we also dress for beauty and glory (Exo. 28:2,40); we dress to showcase the glory of God; we dress to set ourselves apart as ministers of God (Exo.28: 35); we dress for identity. Dressing depicts one’s identity! An immoral person will always put on amorous and seductive clothes to attract his/her kinds.

Kings and queens do not dress to expose their nakedness because they are royal. Christians are royal priesthood and peculiar people. Therefore, their royalty should reflect in their dressing. As priests, we are not to dress according to the fashion of this world. A priest dress for glory and beauty. A priest must dress to radiate the glory of God. Any clothes a believer wears, must not expose his/her nakedness. A priest must always wears clothes that will enable him to minister in any emergency; a priest clothes should ordinarily protect him from death! A priest will always dress in holiness in display of whom he represents. A priest will always dress to show the office he represents. Some youths wear clothes that have the inscriptions of scorpions, cat, owl, etc., without knowing the implications!

Christians are Kings and as such, their dresses should reflect that status. For instance, a King dresses in majesty (Psalms 93:1); a king dresses for honour (Psalms 103:1); a king clothes himself with strength (Psalms 93:1); a king clothes himself with power (Psalms 65:6); On the other hand, a Christian should not dress shabbily. Christians are not to wear clothes that are poverty-stricken.

Obviously, some Christians do not take the whole Word of God serious. They select the ones that synchronise with their worldly lifestyle. Ignorantly, they do not know where some of these worldly dresses and painting originated. In fact, Bible characters associated with painting, such as Jezebel, are not good examples to follow. Many have argued and still argue that wearing of trousers are unisex. They employ different ‘sound worldly’ arguments to justify their worldliness. But nature teaches us that wearing of trousers is for men. No woman can freely urinate if pressed in the public while putting on trousers, otherwise, her nakedness would be exposed to the public glare. But a man in trousers does not struggle at all in such an emergency. This is nature teaching us! Wearing of earrings, opening of hair while in God’s presence and wearing of attachment or wool are not scriptural. A Christian, who desires to go to heaven, should not listen to sugar-coated pastors and some General Overseers’ wives who endorse worldliness by their dressing. Remember, they are not yet in heaven and must not be your role models as a Christian. Follow the scripture!

For further reading: John 17:14; Deut. 13:3;11:13; Luke 14:26; 1 Pt. 2:9; Rev. 5:9;Psalms 96:6,9 Num. 20 :28; Mark 7:21-23; Gen. 35:1-5; Judges 8:24; 2King 9:30; Jer. 4:30; Ezekiel 23:39-44.
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