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Dare to be different – Part 2


Lawrence Achudume

Zelophehead gave birth to seven daughters and had no son. Ordinarily, their father’s family would have taken over everything that their father laboured for. But seven of them rose up and did what was uncommon in the land of Israel. Nobody had ever attempted to challenge tradition. They became the first set of fearless ladies to stand before the elders of Israel to demand their right to be enthroned.

They became the first to break the record and to announce to the world that being a woman is not a mistake and neither is she a minor. Whatever a man is entitled to, a woman is equally entitled to it. Until you choose to speak in defiance to whatever opposes you, you will remain at a spot, stopped, truncated and even thwarted.


Life is a battle and you remain a victim to whatever you refuse to fight. The Zelophehad daughters became a different set of ladies that demonstrated knowledge, understanding, confidence, courage and boldness, which are qualities that are synonymous with the spirit of a fighter.

Dare to be different: that something is popular does not make it right. That everybody accepts a thing does not make it the norm. The power to stand out is in your hand.

Activities in the land of Israel were paralysed. Every man in the kingdom was held by fear, the fear of Goliath until David showed up and took a different stand. He looked at Goliath with his intimidating size and his weapon of war and rose to the challenge. “I cannot be like others”. I hear him say. I refuse to allow the name of the Lord to be despised and disdained. I will fight, it does not matter the size, the weapon of war or the people that he knows.


A man must choose to conquer whatever tempts him, after all a man dies once. Death many times catch up with those that are afraid of him, while those that dare him are privileged to earn themselves many more years on the earth.

Paul’s advice is for men to cease to be men and to put on the whole amour of God to fight the fight of faith. You can stand tall if you behave like the three Hebrew children who did not allow love for money or position to becloud their destiny. Neither did they allow the power of royalty nor what it can earn them or what they can gain from it to make them compromise their faith in God. Or Daniel that willingly gave himself up to mingle with the lions not to lose a precious relationship with God and the Zelophehad daughters that initiated a new platform for the female gender. They were ordinary men with different spirit. The world may call them mad but inside them, they were crazy for the Lord.

That same spirit is still alive; the spirit that will cry Abba Father and would not mind the opinions of men. It is the spirit of rulership, the spirit of dominion, liberty and power. Will you be the next to break that gene and become a record-breaker?

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