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Day African Food and Drink Festival thrilled food lovers in Abuja

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03 October 2021   |   2:48 am
For the foodies in Abuja, the capital city of Nigeria, this was the perfect opportunity to explore different foods from rich cultural Africa.

Nkay and Lifestyle Gal competing in the spicy ata sauce influencer challenge

For the foodies in Abuja, the capital city of Nigeria, this was the perfect opportunity to explore different foods from rich cultural Africa.

If you attended the African Food and Drinks Festival, then you should be buzzing with so much life right now because the festival was the perfect blend of sumptuous food and drinks, with lots of entertainment, and excitement.

Missed it? No worries we have got all the highlights right here.
African Food and Drinks Festival is an event hosted by African Food Network to celebrate African food and culture, which took place on September 26, 2021; it was the perfect place to be for food lovers, who showed up en masse to have their taste buds thrilled and get their groove on!

With so much influence of the Western world in the food that Africans eat, African food festivals are an important addition to modern trends that will help keep original African food and cooking styles relevant.

On September 26, at Tobix Gardens and Park, Abuja, vendors and African restaurants owners from Nigeria and all over Africa displayed all kinds of tantalizing menus. The African Food Festival is the most diverse event dedicated to contemporary African food and culture in Africa.

Through the initiative, the festival offered an international platform representing numerous regions with the final aim to represent the authentic African food culture.

Since its launch in 2014, the African Food Network has been promoting and showcasing the rich African culture through our local foods all over Africa. This food festival showcased food lovers, vendors, chefs, and different delicious meals from different parts of Africa, having fun together in each other’s company.

The excellent weather played an important role in attracting people from all walks of life, with over 5,000 people in attendance enjoying delicious Africa dishes accompanied by live music from Shyne Band, performances from iconic artistes such as Faze, Styl-Plus, Amuta Stone and the finest, DJ OBK and many more, who were around to treat the crowd to the latest music.

Also in attendance were top entertainers, social media influencers, and on-air personalities in the city of Abuja.

At the location, an array of fun games was made available such as Ludo, Ayo, PlayStation 4 and 5, among others, to ensure the young ones had fun while trying out different kinds of tantalising African cuisines. A fun eating competition was conducted with lots of winners. The Ata Spicy Sauce challenge got people’s attention the most with Abuja’s top food influencers, Nkay and Lifestyle Gal, competing for the prize.