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Day God Of Chosen takes over Liberia


22 years deaf and dumb carried shoulder high by overjoyed leaders of the church when the former<br />received his healing after pastor’s prayer, during the crusade in Liberia.<br />

There’s no doubt that Liberia and its citizens have now been taken over by Almighty God, thus heralding their spiritual and physical emancipation from the powers of darkness that have strangulated their progress for decades. This was evidenced by the demonstration of God’s power during The Lord’s Chosen Holy Ghost inspired two-day international crusade titled, ‘GOD’S TIME TO TAKEOVER,’ which held penultimate week at Monrovia Stadium located at ATS United Drive Street, Monrovia.

The crusade, which attracted crowd from different counties of Liberia and other West African countries, witnessed a heavy downpour in the morning. But this did not dampen the crowd’s willingness to present themselves for God to take over their lives and businesses, as was promised to them during the advertisement for the programme. This was a confirmation of the Scripture that says, ‘Thy people shall be willing in the day of thy power.’ And they were not disappointed, as all went home fulfilled.

Before the pastor’s arrival, choirs from different countries, including the host country, Liberia, took the turn to render song ministration to the eager crowd. Each choir tried to outshine the other to the participants’ amazement. Their rendition helped to keep the congregation charged and excited throughout the morning showers.


As soon as the ministering cleric, Pastor Muoka arrived in the arena, the rain abruptly stopped. This clearly indicated that signs and wonders would characterise the programme. Thus, everybody felt that, if the man of God’s arrival caused the heavy rain to cease, surely their problems would also end after the programme. They welcomed the pastor with a loud ovation that shook the crusade ground and its environs.

The man of God’s arrival also ushered in the time for testimonies of the Lord’s doing at previous meetings. Scores of testifiers came out and testified to God’s goodness in their lives. Among them was Brother Samuel from Ghana, who said he was given quit notice by his co-traders, just because he refused to support their fraudulent activities. But lo and behold, as he committed the matter into God’s hand, the quit notice was withdrawn, while his enemies were asked to vacate the premises.

Another brother, Friday also from Ghana, testified on behalf of his wife, who was involved in a fatal accident and was in coma for 24 hours. But the intervention of God of Chosen, Who sent angels to deliver her, saved her.

Sister Goodness, a Liberian from Bassa county, said she asked God for a baby girl after bearing six boys and God answered her, despite the fact that the pregnancy scan result showed a baby boy. She said she had laid hand on her television screen, while Pastor Muoka was ministering blessing on chosen cable TV and claimed the prophetic declaration of a baby girl given to the audience during prayer. And true to the pastor’s proclamation, she was delivered of a baby girl.

From Bong county came Sister Diana, who testified how God granted her victory in a land dispute, which she fought in vain for eight years until she presented it to the God of Chosen. And the victory came easily two months after joining Chosen.

Brother Robinson from Sierra Leone testified how the conspiracy against him was aborted, as he went to God in prayer.


Sister Hawa, a Liberian from Gbamga town, said she suffered from paralysis on her left hand for many years, and had visited all known hospitals to no avail. But somehow in a dream, she was told that if she wanted to be healed, she should go to the Chosen Church. Later, she located the Lord’s Chosen branch in her county. Lo and behold, the day she stepped into the Chosen Church was the day her healing occurred.

Another person from Sierra Leone testified that he was into fornication and adultery and had on many occasions facilitated abortion. But when he joined the Chosen Church and heard the undiluted Word of God, the yoke of sin was broken in his life. He said he was currently an evangelist and was no longer into sin.

Another testified of how he started gaining favour the moment he joined the Chosen ministry. Many other testifiers joyfully testified the wonderful work of God in their lives.

Pastor Muoka, who started the day with deliverance ministration, told participants that the God Who inspired the crusade had arrived in their midst to take over their problems. This was applauded with echoes of amen and thereafter, he declared freedom for all victims of ailments. What followed was a thunderous ovation from the crowd, as those who were walking with crutches as a result of paralysis instantly dropped all walking aids and walked unaided to the front.

Among the beneficiaries of this declaration was a sister from Kakata in Margibi county of Liberia, whose right ear had been blocked for 16 years. But at the instance of Pastor Muoka’s declaration, she received her healing.

Sister Hawa James from Bushrod Island had her leg restored instantly, which according to her, had suddenly become stiff and painful since two months ago. But as soon as Pastor prophetically mentioned her case, the pain ceased and her leg became normal.

Brother from Buchanan said he had been epileptic since for years, but after the Pastor’s prayer, he couldn’t feel the symptoms associated with the sickness again.


Bro Cyrus from Tubmanburg received instant healing from a three-year-old stroke, and he is now walking properly unaided.

Sister Rohana who said a friend brought her all the way from Nimba County to Monrovia, said since eight years ago, she had been unable to hear anything, as the two ears were deaf. But suddenly at the crusade ground, she heard a loud amen and instantly the two ears opened.

Indeed, it was a harvest of miracles, as almost half of the congregation indicated readiness to testify to the goodness of God they received instantly after Pastor’s prayer.

In his first day message, Pastor Muoka assured participants that nobody would go home empty-handed; as God had set the two days as the days He would takeover their concerns. He asserted that when God decides to do a thing, nobody could stop Him. He further assured them of victory, regardless of the severity of their problems.

He said: “No matter the problem, I am assuring you that it will end today. Although you might have taken the problem to many other places, from today, you will experience the problem no more.”

He added that their doubt could never stop God from addressing their problem and blessing them.

“Even if you don’t believe, my belief will prevail over your doubt, as God that confirms the word of His messengers has come to take over that problem you consider impossible, and whatever God didn’t plant in your life shall be uprooted in Jesus name,” he professed.

According to him, human beings or demons cannot stop God Who is the all-powerful and Sovereign God. He told participants that they came by divine invitation and must receive divine touch, as their deliverance had been determined by God, and their presence at the crusade was not a coincidence, but a divine privilege.

The cleric attributed the reason the devil is on a rampage to the fact that he knows he has a short time left. He told them that, as God takes over their problems, they would be delivered from all forms of poverty and placed into plenty, joy and perfect health. He cited the Book of Joshua 5:13-15, which says, “And it came to pass, when Joshua was by Jericho, that he lifted up his eyes and looked, and, behold, there stood a man over against him with his sword drawn in his hand: and Joshua went unto him, and said unto him, Art thou for us, or for our adversaries? And he said, Nay; but as captain of the host of the LORD am I now come. And Joshua fell on his face to the earth, and did worship, and said unto him, What saith my Lord unto his servant? And the captain of the LORD’s host said unto Joshua, Lose thy shoe from off thy foot; for the place whereon thou standest is holy. And Joshua did so”


The man of God said they would be appointed where they were formerly disappointed. “Everything they have projected against you shall be canceled. Barrenness, moving objects, hindrances, disappointments, lack of employment and promotion shall all be canceled in Jesus’ name. At this programme, the broken heart shall be mended, the blind shall see, the poor shall be made rich and those who are insane shall have their sanity restored. If you are confused in life and have lost hope of getting God’s blessings, at this programme, as God takes over, you will experience His blessings. If your case is that you don’t have favour, God shall grant you favour. And whatever you have lost would be recovered,” he assured.

The cleric assured that whatever the enemy had stolen from them would be recovered. “I don’t know what the enemy has taken away from you, but if you look at 1Sam 30:19 it says, “And there was nothing lacking to them, neither small nor great, neither sons nor daughters, neither spoil nor anything that they had taken to them. David recovered all.” So, you are going home with everything stolen from you, as David recovered all, you will recover all. I do not know what you have lost, but restoration is coming your way, and you will never be ashamed,” he thundered.

He said: “I want to let you know that in the days of David, the enemy struck and took everything. But when the Lord intervened, everything lost was recovered. I don’t know what you have lost, but whatever it maybe will be recovered today. As the Lord comes to take over, He will work against all that is working against you. The Egyptians you saw today shall not be seen again.”

The second day followed the trend of the first day but more spectacular in terms of testimonies. From Sierra Leone, a brother testified of how he encountered Christ and surrendered his life to Him. He said although the persecution was fierce, God’s grace was sufficient to enable him to weather the storm and currently, he is a staunch Christian and fervent in evangelism.

Mama Johnson said a land dispute with someone brought her to Chosen Church, and when she sued the person at the Chosen’s pulpit, God took over the matter and gave her victory.


The testimony of Sister Blessing was touching. In her words: “For nine years, my menstruation ceased. My in-laws and neighbours accused me of being a witch. I was persecuted to the extent that I was forced to sleep in a shrine. But when a sister invited me to Chosen, as the Pastor was preaching and prophetically mentioned my case, the yoke got broken right inside the church. Since that day, my menses started flowing and now I am pregnant.”

Brother Johnson Morris, a 12-year-old boy testified that he never heard any sound since he was born. He was also unable to speak, and all communication with him was done through signs. But as soon as Pastor Muoka prayed for the deaf and dumb, he started speaking and hearing.

Brother John Sriaffe was very happy when he discovered he could walk again after the Pastor’s prayer. According to him, he was involved in an accident two years ago and got his leg broken. None of the hospitals he visited gave him hope of walking again. But when he was told about the crusade and what the God of Chosen could do, he decided to participate in the crusade and instantly received healing during Pastor’s prayer.

Another person testified of instant healing from five years deafness and dumbness. He was able to read 1 to 10 when he was tested by the moderator.

Sister Hannah was not left, as her seven-year-old paralysis was healed. Another exciting testimony was the case of a wine tapper, who fell from palm tree 10 years ago and had fractured hands and legs. But as soon as the Pastor mentioned his case and prayed, his broken hands and legs were restored.

The highlight of the second day was the instant healing of 22-year-old man who was deaf and dumb. According to the family members that brought him to the crusade, he had been taken to many healing homes to no avail. And when they were told that the renowned man of God from Nigeria was coming to Liberia, and having heard how God is using him to do miracles, they decided to try their luck.

As God would have it, when the Pastor prayed for deaf and dumb cases, the brother’s ears and mouth opened to God’s glory.


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