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Dealing with landlord spirit -Part 1


A lady went through an affliction for over 20 years using medical means to get a solution all to no avail. She never knew that it was a spiritual case. When I told her that she would have to go through deliverance she protested, saying that she was not demon-possessed. By experience, I knew that there was a demon behind it and what you don’t know can destroy you. From our Bible text the demon referred to a human body as “My House,” this connotes ownership. A landlord is someone who claims ownership over a property, this could be even over an individual. Just as we have the physical landlord we also have the spiritual landlord. There are certain things that make someone claim ownership over a thing or person.

The first of them is when you have paid for it, a good example of this is a spirit husband who pays dowry on a woman, not until the dowry is returned she can never get her freedom. The spiritual dowry gives him a legal ground to claim ownership over the woman. Second, one can claim ownership by inheritance if a property is bequeathed to you by your parents. Some parents have ignorantly handed over their children through dedication to an idol or evil powers in a shrine. Again, ownership can be acquired by donation from the previous owner or by working for it. This can cause men to struggle fruitlessly in life without knowing that there is a bargain over their head.

I decree that wherever you have been donated or sold out with the blood of Jesus you shall be redeemed. People can be donated in the coven by their loved ones or close associates while you find them struggling in life. Finally, we have some illegal occupants acting as landlords over your life. I was conducting deliverance for a sister some time ago and a voice spoke from within her saying, “I cannot go, she is my daughter and I am residing inside her,” it was a power from the marine kingdom and when I cast it out the sister became free. I pray for you that every power laying claims over your life will die in Jesus name.

These landlord spirits have certificate of occupancy with which they intimidate their victims and even deliverance ministers who don’t know their rights. Some of these powers include spirit spouse, ancestral powers and guardian demons assigned to follow you anywhere. They also include powers you have been dedicated to or landlord resident in your body or your house. In one of our all-night services I told the congregation to face the direction of their house and pray to cast out any unwanted visitor. The following day a sister got home and at night when she woke up to ease herself a large millipede fell out of her private region.

Again, at about 3am that night she heard a strange knock on her door, it was an old woman pleading from outside that she should be allowed back into the house. All these were the landlord spirits in operation in their house. According to her, before this great deliverance she had always felt a strange presence in the house. I declare that any landlord spirit residing in your life is cast out today by fire.
Rev. John Okene, Divine Touch Int’l Ministries, Warri, Delta state.
Prayerline: +2348135952623


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