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Dealing with remote controlling powers – Part I

By Rev. John Okene
02 February 2020   |   4:01 am
In our text above, Apostle Paul talked about his struggle with sin even though he had the desire to be good. The remote controlling powers were making him to deviate from the ways of God.

Text: Romans 7:15-25
In our text above, Apostle Paul talked about his struggle with sin even though he had the desire to be good. The remote controlling powers were making him to deviate from the ways of God. Each time he would fall into sin and thereafter cry out to God for mercy. After a while he will go back to committing another sin.

These remote controlling powers are bent on making their victim to always fall into sin so that they can capture and exercise control over them
There was the story of a sister who had to get her monthly allowance from her husband through her mother-in-law. The mother-in-law doesn’t even give her the complete money and most times she dictates what goes on in the son’s home. This is a sign that the mother has an evil control over her son. This sister and her husband always have to take permission from the husband’s mother before carrying out any vital project in the home. If you’re married and still take permission from your parents before doing anything, then there is an invisible hand behind the scene controlling your life. I decree today, any invisible hand that is controlling your life, I break that hand in Jesus name.

Also they manipulate their victim to get them destroyed so they can get promoted in their dark kingdom. When Delilah captured Samson, she was promoted. This promotion takes place in the spiritual realm. Anyone that wants to pull you down in order to increase, may they remain down in Jesus Name. May the ground open up and swallow them; May you increase from glory to glory.

The remote controlling powers also manipulate the destiny of their victims. When God gives you a destination, He goes ahead to make provision for you but when you’re in the wrong place, you can’t get that provision. The remote controlling powers will always try to push you to the wrong direction. I pray for you, if you have found yourself in the wrong profession, job, business or location and you can’t find your way out, I command your eyes to be open to divine revelation that will give you direction in Jesus Name.

These powers also try to restrain you from entering your destiny. If these powers are operational in your life, they would make you to miss your miracle at the verge of your breakthrough. You may see the breakthrough but might not be able to hold it. It could manifest in the form of rising and falling financially, stagnation, delay, instability in marriage, suffering several miscarriages etc.

A daughter-in-the-Lord of mine once had an issue. Before she had her babies, she had had more than fourteen miscarriages. I prayed with her and asked God to reveal to her who was responsible for her predicament. Same night after the prayers, she had a dream and saw her father with a calabash. He came to where she was seated and put the calabash under her private part to collect blood, the blood then flowed from her body into the calabash and he took it away. He did that every time she was pregnant because he was using the blood of his unborn grandbabies to increase his wealth in the occultic kingdom. In the physical realm, there is nothing the daughter needs that he doesn’t give to her, no matter how expensive it might be. Her mother ran away from the marriage when she discovered that her husband was an occultist. After she had the dream, we ran her through deliverance and gave her some prayer points to pray with continuously. After engaging in the warfare prayers for some months, the father became sick and was at the verge of death before she was able to have her babies. Her father was the evil collector that comes to collect from her.

I decree to you, any evil person close to you and yet responsible for what you’re going through, may God expose and disgrace them by fire.

Some of the signs to show that you are under the influence of remote controlling powers are as follows. First and foremost, if you discover that whenever you want to do something good, you ended up doing evil just like the case of Apostle Paul, then the powers might be at work in your life. Again, if you have destructive habits then you need to cry out to God for help. Another sign is having a particular evil dream when you’re at the verge of breakthrough.

Yoke of the oppressor in my life, in the name of Jesus, break!
Every evil personality that will not leave my matter alone, in the name of Jesus, die!
Evil cord of the wicked over my life, break!
Every spiritual manipulation against my glory, expire by fire!
All roadblocks and impediments to the fulfillment of my greatness or destiny, in the name of Jesus, scatter by fire!

Every evil tree in the garden of my life or destiny, in the name of Jesus, die!

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