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Deliverance from satanic gang up



Satanic gang up is an association of persons or powers coming together for a particular purpose because of a person or group of persons in other to afflict, attack, destroy, or even to stop or kill that person.

It is called evil conspiracy. They come together to form a confederation; put their resources together to stop their victim(s).

Spiritually, they can gang up in the marine kingdom, occult gathering, Witch gathering or covens or even go to an altar for their victim’s sake. They can also gang up against you physically in your office, business place and other places.


Even in your home, your friend can gang up to push you out of your marriage. Your mother in-law can gang up to push you out of your marriage by closing your womb so that you will never have a child and thereafter start pestering her son to marry another woman that will bear him children.

Acts 23:21 Some persons ganged up and said they will not eat until they kill Paul. Pilate stood and said he perceived by the dream his wife had that Paul is holy, hence he made it known to them that he is not part of the case, he washed his hands from it.

I prophesy to you reading this message, whosoever has taken an oath and say he/she will not rest until they destroy or kill you, may the ground swallow them now in Jesus name.

The purpose of satanic gang up is to kill the person. (Gen. 37:18; Matt. 27:1). Someone very close to me was about going for a supposed Christian election and so told me to pray for him that he was having a strange revelation.

While praying for him, God told me that someone would die, and I said how can someone die since it was an election of Christians? The election was conducted but in the course of it someone instantly became sick.

The one close to me won the election and indeed someone died. During the funeral rites of the deceased, a witch doctor came out and demanded for the balance of his money to be paid else he would disrupt the ceremony.


When interrogated, he confessed that the dead man was fighting for the same position in the church and came to him for help that he wants the opponent killed so that he can have it. He did the charm, even buried a live cow to that effect but to his utmost surprise it backfired and his client died.

Hence, he wants the client’s family to pay the balance of the money before they can proceed with the rites. I pray for you, all those that gang up to kill you shall die the death in Jesus name. Another purpose is to overthrow the person. (2 Sam. 15:12).

To push the person, out of his position. All those that gather to push you out from your position, may the fire of God come upon them. You are into supply, some people have gone at your back to gang up against you, saying is it only you that the job will be given to.

The Lord says very soon they will come to confess to you. Again, their purpose is to destroy the work you are doing (Mark 3:6).

There are different ways they do it. They can organise a campaign of colony from nowhere, and will spread a rumor to destroy your reputation. They know that if they can destroy your reputation they have succeeded in destroying you.

The fourth purpose is to cause separation. (Ps. 2:1-4). When you are united in your family, they come in to sow a seed of discord that will bring about disunity in the family. They also make you to sin against God so that you can be separated from Him. They tend to cut off the cord of your helpers so that you wouldn’t have anyone to help you. Every plan of the enemy to disconnect you from your helper may the fire of God consume them now in Jesus name.

Finally, they gang up in other to afflict you. They can attack their victim with sickness and even cause him to run mad. (Judges 15:5).

A young girl of 22 years old who was afflicted with kidney problem from her father’s house got a brand new kidney after her deliverance programme.

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