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Destiny child cannot be wasted

By Anene Nwachukwu
30 December 2018   |   4:11 am
You are currently facing many challenges and distractions because of your final destination. You are heading somewhere great, because if not there won’t be...

Text: Matthew 2:1-5,7-8,13-15.
You are currently facing many challenges and distractions because of your final destination. You are heading somewhere great, because if not there won’t be any blockage on your way. Some people have already seen your star and because of this, they are after you. But one thing is sure; your destiny cannot be wasted or stopped. With God, your star will shine.

The Bible says when the star appeared in the sky, the news was everywhere that a ‘King is born’ and the three wise men traced His star and found Him. The star signifies that the child is an extraordinary child, and that He has come to fulfil destiny.

The three wise men gave the child three gifts — gold, which represents kingship; frankincense, which represents priesthood and myrrh representing something that can never decay. And because you are in Christ, I prophesy that you will never decay in Jesus name. When I say decay, I don’t mean when you die. There are people who are alive, but are without value. Anything that decays has no value.

Exodus chapter two talked about how Moses was born, and that there was a death sentence on his life, even before he was born. King Pharaoh gave the order that every Hebrew male child should be killed. But Moses’ mother said to herself, ‘I can’t submit this child to the enemy.’ I prophesy that you will never submit to your enemies in Jesus’ name. You will never surrender what God has given to you into the hands of those who will misuse it. The Bible says ‘when the way of a man pleases the Lord, He will make even his enemies to be at peace with him. Moses was carried from the river to the palace.

In 2019, God is taking you from where you are to where you ought to be. Where you are going is better than where you are coming from. This is not your final destination.

There is victory ahead and there is also battle on ground. You cannot celebrate victory without fighting a battle. Right now, we are at a battlefront and there is no romance. Battlefront is a place of war, it’s either you survive or you are devoured. When things are very tight for you, know that the God you serve is about to bring out the best in you.

I prophesy that amid darkness, your star will shine in Jesus’ name. Don’t give up in your darkest hour because it is a period for sober reflection, when you thank God for the past and the glorious future He is taking you to.

The angel of God appeared to Joseph and told him to carry the baby to Egypt because Herod wanted to kill Him. Before you can get to the Promised Land, you must live in Egypt. Nobody will ever enter the Promised Land without tasting the bitterness of Egypt. Your days in Egypt are over in Jesus’ name.

A destiny child cannot be wasted, Genesis 39. Joseph was taken into Egypt as a slave, but God fortified and lifted him from grass to grace. God will always make a way of escape for you in any challenge. Jesus escaped from Herod, Joseph from Potiphar and Moses from Pharaoh. You, too, will escape from your enemies because God is with you. Say to yourself: I Am A Destiny Child. I Cannot Be Wasted. God bless you!

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