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Discover to recover


Prophet O. Azuka

The topic above informs the reason why some people remain where they are today. Many people have not really discovered the reason for their existence, such that they float on the surface and the resources deposited in them at creation remain untapped and latent.

Jephthah in our text was rejected and thrown away from his land of the nativity. But he didn’t allow his rejection to weigh him down; he persevered and became the ‘cornerstone.’ He was rejected because, as at that time, he was a nobody to reckon with in the society, but he took his time to build himself and became a scarce commodity. Until Christians take out time to discover who they are, they may not recover from the past.

Obviously, the story people tell about us may not matter a lot, compared to what we tell ourselves. It is in the character of the world to reject a believer and laugh him to scorn, but believers should strive to prove the world wrong by pressing forward to achieve the uncommon. Thomas Edison proved his teacher wrong who wrote him off and today, the whole world benefits from his wealth of experience and invention. What the world really sees in you is the crude; the refined product is yet to be made known. Instructively, a believer should not listen to every negative comment from people. Look inward and see your ability and tap it!


The fact is that Jesus Christ was never a failure in life! Therefore, born again Christians have no reason to fail because their source of strength, which is Jesus Christ, succeeded in all areas of life. Your background is not a barrier, as long as you are born again. You can actually rise above the chronic history of failures in your family.

However, climbing the ladder of success is characterised with troubles and bubbles. There are many distractions on that high way to journey of success, and only the resilient can weather all storms. 


This message finds relevance, especially in today’s churches, where everybody wants to be a Pastor and General Overseer. They fail to prayerfully discover why they are created, and that everybody is not called to the pulpit to preach the gospel. Some of these so-called pastors are actually created for a different purpose that will profit their lives and society, but they forced themselves to the pulpit, where God has not called them. The reality is that every born again Christian is called to preach the gospel and not pastors. If everybody becomes a pastor, who will form the congregation? Christians should discover what they are created for.

Unfortunately, many waste their time on irrelevant ventures that cannot profit them nor posterity, while others waste their destinies at beer parlours and clubhouses. They live in sins and never bother to look for their Saviour. Their calamity will reverberate in eternity. 


Joseph knew why he was created. He remained focused in life. He never allowed Potiphar’s wife to destroy his life and future. He resisted her and today, his name is written in the marble of history.

Have you discovered why you are created? Are you born again (which is the starting point)? Today, you can make your way right and discover why you were created and go for it.

For further reading: Psalm 118:22; Luke 20:17; 1 Samuel 17: 28-29; Acts 7:34-36; 23-30.

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