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Discover to recover – Part 2


The above scripture puts to rest the argument and superstition of reincarnation being peddled among people. The fact is that we are created in God’s own image and resemblance. No human being was reincarnated! God in His own wisdom consciously made man in His likeness and image.

Obviously, people fail in life because they lack the assurance and knowledge of who they are, especially children’s of God, who are the very image of God.

Conversely, the realisation of this fundamental truth of the gospel that man was made in the image and likeness of God places him in a vantage position and in the place he was originally created to be. Mere discovery of this truth changes perception and backward thought of retrogression. This will resultantly and automatically reposition a believer’s thought to think like God and consequently assume the position of a god. Unfortunately, some believers are far from this reality. Rather, their thoughts are flooded with immoral thoughts that lead to the downward journey of spiritual decadence and destitution.


Having the image and likeness of God denotes living in holiness and righteousness like God Himself. This is God’s expectation from any man created in His image. He wants man to be and live like Him without sin. Ordinarily, a believer should not struggle to make wealth because he bears God’s image and likeness. Therefore, it naturally becomes his fundamental right to prosper. God’s nature does not know lack or defeat. He made heavens and the earth and everything thereof belongs to Him. Identification with Him at salvation brings believers at the same privileged position with God, as he shares from the Godhead. The power of this knowledge liberates from ignorance. It is advisable to think this thought regularly in order to enjoy the fullness of life. 

The image and likeness of God also produce soundness of health. Sickness is never the lot of any Christian, because God cannot fall sick and for the fact that he is god, he cannot fall sick as well. Carelessness of some Christians most times, brings about sickness, such as not observing the requisite routine hygiene that ensures sound health. Ordinarily, believers are meant to enjoy good health according to the scriptures.

One of the benefits of discovering who we are in God gives us dominion and power over all things God made. Exercising dominion and authority over powers is inherent in every child of God by reason of being associated with God’s image and likeness.


Jesus Christ purchased the church with His blood and had perfected the work of redemption in the lives of believers. This clearly shows that Christians are not common people by all standards. Believers are expensive because of what Calvary had done. No believer was created by accident! Believers are the thought-out plan of God. They are wonderfully made by God and this fact must be acknowledged at all times. Christians should value themselves because of the cost of redemption.

It is sad to note that some Christians place no worth on themselves, not knowing who they are. A believer who knows his worth cannot commit immorality, touch or give bribe or commit sin of any kind because he is made in the image and likeness of God. A Christian should see himself the way God and devil see him. Devil is very jealous of any child of God because of his worth, while God values him because he is made of His image and likeness. These two beings know the worth of a Christian. 

God has placed the devil under our feet. Therefore, purge yourself of all debased thoughts that have kept you in captivity and servitude. Believers worth God! Let this thought reverberate in your consciousness henceforth. 

For further reading: Jer. 11:29; 1Pt.1:15-16; Eph.3:5; Gen.1:1-3; 3:5; Psalm 82:6; Gen.1:26; 3:6; 1Cor.6:19; 7:3

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