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Discover to recover


What you don’t know is bigger than you. You have to discover to recover. The prodigal son collected his own part of the inheritance and went to a far country and spent all that he had, so he became broke and no one gave to him. He had to feed from swine’s leftover. When you find yourself in a place you are not supposed to be, you will eat what you are not supposed to eat, and people will tell you what they are not supposed to tell you.

Many people are eating what they are not supposed to be eating because they have moved far from God. If God is your Father and you are close to Him, you are not supposed to lack anything.

There is a time to return to yourself like the prodigal son, when you will realise, when you will discover to recover. He came back to himself and said my father has servants who eat very well and I’m dying of hunger eating swine’s leftover. He said to himself, ‘I will go back to my father.’ The Bible says while he was far off his father saw him, had compassion on him and welcomed him. As you are reading this message, God your Father is always ready to take you back, if you have moved far from Him or if you have left Him. Many people are like the prodigal son; God is waiting for you to come back to Him.


The prodigal son can’t get better when others are making it, because he is far from God his father. Many of us call ourselves children of God, but we are living like the prodigal son. When you discover Who God really is, everything about you will recover.

The prodigal son thought he had arrived because people were following and praising him. When people are singing your praise and marching after you, watch your steps and be very careful. He got carried away, spending all the money the way he liked. Don’t be moved when people are spending their money lavishly. Just manage the one you have, it is the end that matters. Don’t do what others are doing; be different. Don’t kill yourself because of Christmas. If you don’t celebrate it well this year, you will do so next year. Don’t live a riotous life. Don’t seek to impress human beings, but try to impress God. And when you impress God, everything about your life will change.

If you can realise the level of your life and come to God, He will have mercy and bless you. Don’t take eternal decision on temporal solution. Anything that God has not given you, know that you don’t need that thing at that moment. Wait upon the Lord for His time is the best. If you don’t sweat to get a thing, you will sweat to keep it. Don’t allow Satan to endanger your life, just because you want to celebrate Christmas. Don’t imitate anybody; always pray to be like Jesus.

Jesus entered into a city, and the Bible says the city was isolated because lepers lived there. If you are going close to a leper, they will warn you of the danger because leprosy is a contagious disease.

Jesus met 10 lepers on the way, and told them to go and show themselves to the priest. The Bible says as they were going they got healed of the leprosy, but only one of them rushed back to thank Jesus and his act of thanksgiving brought perfection to his healing.

Some of us lack the word THANK YOU. Always appreciate things whether big or small by saying thank you. Some people are bearing grudges against God because they have not seen the manifestations of those things they asked from God in 2018. They forgot that he that is alive would see a better tomorrow. You must live a thankful life because God is ready to do more when you give thanks. When you are always grateful to God, it means you have discovered and God will recover you. God bless you.

Prophet Dr. Anene Nwachukwu
(Oracle of God). Rhema Deliverance Mission Int’l. Inc.
Rhema International Prophetic Centre Lasu-Igando Road, Church Pole Bus Stop, Beside Iba Police Station, Iba, Lagos.

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