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Dynamics of christian leadership


Ven. Obiora Uzochukwu

Our Leadership Pledge
• Nothing happens without leadership

• Nothing succeeds without leadership

• Nothing develops without leadership

• Nothing advances without leadership

• Nothing improves without leadership

• Nothing is corrected without leadership

• Today, I choose to start a journey of becoming an outstanding leader!

• So help me GOD!

Leadership is a process of motivating, mobilising, resourcing and directing people to passionately and strategically pursue a vision from God that a group jointly embraces. (George Barna).True leadership is born, when your gift is discovered and then you serve it to your generation.

Hence, leadership is about self-discovery. This is the entire reason for creation. Leadership is the capacity to influence others through inspiration generated by a passion, motivated by a vision, birthed by a conviction and produced by a purpose. (Dr. Myles Munroe). The value in each man is the gift you are born to deliver to your world. You are created to lead, but not only to lead people but rather in an area of gifting.

Dynamic Leadership
• It is one that defines the person who exercises it as someone safe and respectful of their qualities and also respects others alike. 
• A dynamic Christian leader must have the following characteristics:
• He is proactive, analytical and creative.
• He influences people without having to rely on their leadership position.
• She is fair and adapts to the conditions of the game.
• She builds a better working environment.
• Think very well before speaking.
• He bases his relationship with subordinates on commitment and communication.
• He knows when to lead, give orders and when to withdraw.
• She looks for new perspectives.

Principles Dynamic Leaders Must Have:
See Leadership as a Process: Based on knowledge and experience, leadership skills are improved. It is grown day by day, and you learn from all the interactions, meetings and achievements.

Strong Decision-making: A good decision taken at the right time is better than the best decisions taken too late. The indecision of a leader generates insecurity, loss of confidence and confusion. Keeping people informed helps them make decisions, as well as encourage them to take initiative and improves teamwork.

Ensure that tasks are Understood, Monitored and Achieved: Time is a valuable resource for the organisation, the leader or the individual. Any delay represents a cost to the ASM Diocesan Body. A dynamic leader weighs risk/achievement or cost/benefits, as well as values ​​the time of the individuals.

Be effective and efficient: The priority of the leadership and goal of any organisation is to be effective. So, the efforts must be directed first at fulfilling defined objectives. Once this is accomplished, the focus should be on doing it efficiently.

Think as a team: A dynamic leader must acknowledge that he is part of a group of workers, so leaders should maximise the “we” to allow the development of joint solutions and create shared success. This simple vision exerts a great influence on the team and will help build a win-win spirit in the parties involved.

Search for Continuous Improvement: For this, the leader should not mind implementing changes, but simply focusing on the change is positive and brings greater efficiency.

Questioning and giving workers a chance to question the way objectives are carried out: A dynamic leader pursues and supports new ideas, new methods and above all, questions the assumption that defines a unique way to fulfill the ideals. Thank you.

Ven. Obiora Uzochukwu, All Saint Cathedral Church
Opposite DMGS Grammar School, Awka Road, Onitsha.

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