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Gates – Part 3


Rev. Theodore Effiong

Open Gates: Activate The Written Prophecies

In our anchor scriptural reference, Isaiah 45 v 13, long before Cyrus was born, a prophecy had been issued about him. Two hundred years be­fore he was born, God called him by name and surnamed him (v.4) although Cyrus knew Him not. Cyrus was a heathen king, yet God had a prophecy written about his life.

“I have even called thee by thy name: I have surnamed thee, though thou hast not know me” – Isaiah 45v4


This means that there is a prophecy written con­cerning every human being whether born again or not. Jesus said: “In the volume of the book it is written of me, to do thy will, O God”. Hebrews 10 v 7.

Nelson Mandela was kept behind prison gates for 27 years. As long as those gates were closed against him, he could not step into his destiny. From the foundation of the world, God had kept a written prophecy about him, say­ing, “this shall be the first black President of South Africa”. But for 26 years, he could not enter his calling.

In fact, as the years went by, it became more and more unlikely that the proph­ecy was going to be fulfilled. It was the prayers and intercessions of the Saints in South Africa and all over the world that occasioned his re­lease. The day those gates opened, he became the man God ordained him to be.

Every new level you want to enter into the physical realm requires the breaking of a gate in the spiritual realm. In order to marry, you must break a gate. Before you can have a child, a gate must be broken. Gates must break in order for you to have a car, acquire your own land, house(s), etc. Without the breaking of gates, there can be no progress.

As touching Cyrus, two gates were mentioned:
• The two-leaved gates (v 1): This gate opened unto him, nations, kings, and kingdoms.

• The Gates of Brass and Iron (v 2): Opened unto him, the treasures of darkness And hidden riches of secret places. These specific prophecies announced the capture of Babylon, a city deemed impregnable. Herodotus the Greek historian tells us that Babylon was built on both sides of the river Euphrates, which flowed through the midst of the city. The river was walled on either side, and the two-leaved gates gave entrance to the city. He records that on the night that Balthazar was slain, these gates by strange oversight, were left open, and that the army of the Medes, having diverted the course of the river (Isaiah 44 v 27), marched in on its dry bed and, entered the city through the open gates, and took it over after a siege of two years.

It was after this two-year siege that they were finally able to penetrate the strong rooms. The treasury and the gates of Brass and of Iron to these strong rooms were broken down and all types of treasures and riches hidden in the dark rooms were carted away. Every written prophecy over your life will likewise require the opening of a gate for it to be fulfilled.

Activating Written Prophecies
In 2 Chronicles Chapter 4, we come across a very interesting individual, Jabez. God had written a prophecy over his life that he should be more honourable than all his breth­ren. But it was not happening. Why? From his birth, the mother’s negative prophecy got hold of him. She called him Jabez, literally meaning “a man of sorrows”, and so he came to be. He could not rise above that, because a person’s name helps to form the boundaries of his life. “For as his name is, so is he…” – 1 Samuel 25 v 25.

Your name dictates and depicts who and what you shall be. No matter how this young man struggled to overcome, he could not make it till the day he got into God’s presence and activated the written prophecy over his life through a prayer petition that came before God’s throne as a four-point plea (verse 10). That prayer suc­ceeded to activate the written prophecy over his life.

Does this mean that he had not been praying about this matter before then? I am quite sure that because of the gravity of his frustration, he must have cried unto God severally. But till then, his prayers had not opened his gate. Why? Closed gates blocked out his prayer from get­ting into the presence of God. There are gates that hinder prayers. Whenever a man succeeds in breaking through the closed gates of his life and activates his writ­ten prophecies, the curses that were once oper­ating against him are rendered impotent.

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