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God is able to deliver – Part 2


(B) The Great Discovery (Dan. 3: 21-25)
When the king peeped into the furnace, he saw four incredible things.
• He saw four men, not three.
• The men were unhurt.
• They were loose.
• They were walking in the fire.

There is no great discovery here. as that of the fourth man who joined them. The heathen king saw him and said his appearance was like that of the Son of God, though later in verse 28, he called him the angel of God. Theologians differ in their interpretations of the fourth man in the furnace. Jewish scholars took him to be an angel of God and said it was angel Gabriel for angels in the Old Testament were also called “sons of God.” (Gen. 6: 2, Job 1: 6) But majority of Christian scholars believe this is no other person, but our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, Who had existed as the Word from the beginning, the second Person of the Trinity. This must be one of the Old Testament appearances of Jesus. This must be God, not just his angel. He has promised in Isaiah 43: 2, that when you go through fire and waters He will be with you. Now He has made good His promise.

(C) The Fourth Man In The Fire- A Great Deliverance and Promotion- (Dan. 3: 25-30) For you, it may be the second man in the fire or the third, if you and your wife are in the fire of life or even the fifth man if you, your wife and two children are there. Whatever the case may be, God is able to deliver you and He will deliver you. When He delivers you, seven things will happen.

• Your enemies will be astonished – (vs. 24)
• You will stand in the fire. (23/25)
• You will walk in the fire. (vs. 25)
• You will not lose anything good. (vs. 21 & 25).
• You will have only one thing to lose- (vs.25)- your chains, your pains – what a blessed loss. May you lose your chains and pains. Amen.
• You shall come forth- vs. 26- You will not die in your furnace.
• You shall be promoted – vs. 30- When you pass your test, expect promotion.

The three Hebrew men were not only promoted, but they were also exonerated, and the king made a new decree that anyone who speaks against the God of these men be cut in pieces (vs. 29). The whole world shall soon fear your God. (Psalm 67:7) For these to happen in your life, know your God, believe in Him, stand for the truth, trust Him, never bow to the devil and your furnace will turn to an Air Conditioner. God will raise your head; just remain strong in His power. God of Abounding Grace is able to deliver you. Stand for Him and with Him. You will not be consumed by the furnace of the enemy. You will definitely stand out among your contemporaries this year. Shalom.

Rev. Dr. Israel Kristilere, Shepherdhill Baptist Church,
(Sanctuary of Grace & Glory), Baptist Academy Compound,
Obanikoro, Lagos.

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