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God is wiser beyond men’s conception



From the perspective of men who would perish, God’s instructions and messages are ‘foolish,’ but those who are saved have a different perspective. What the unredeemed people consider foolish is absolutely real wisdom, and is much wiser than what humans could ever imagine. “Because the foolishness of God is wiser than men; and the weakness of God is stronger than men.”

(1Corinthians 1:25). “Weakness of God” in this passage doesn’t mean God is weak or inadequate. Rather, the passage refers to people who are spiritually bankrupt; who don’t know that God’s Word is stronger than the strength of humans.

It’s recorded in Joshua 6:1-27 that the walls of Jericho fell flat. This was a miracle that vividly demonstrated God’s power. More importantly, it teaches us grand truths concerning God’s salvation and grace. The children of Israel wandered in Sinai Desert for forty difficult years, passed over River Jordan on dry land, and later got to the eastern border of Jericho, where they had a great challenge on their way to the Promised Land, the land of Canaan. The city of Jericho was a great obstacle because it was an unconquerable walled city.


Invading such a city would be very difficult through the wisdom of man. God laid out a strategy for victory, though it seemed foolish to man. Joshua was asked to march silently with the people around Jericho for six days, blowing the trumpets and shouting on the seventh day, after seven circuits. Though God’s instruction seemed foolish, Joshua obeyed. Instantly, the massive walls collapsed and Isreal was able to win an easy victory. The people did not argue but followed God’s commandment by faith and there was a miracle.

God’s commandment may seem foolish, but obedience to it brings victory. Our Jericho warfare can be won completely, only if we obey God. God’s ways and the ways of man are totally different. Militarily, it was illogical to assault Jericho as the Israelites did, but God’s purpose can’t be questioned. We must believe God will do what He has promised to do.

2 Kings 5:1-18, talks about Naaman, who was a great army commander but had leprosy. He travelled to see Elisha, who asked him to wash seven times in Jordan and he would be cleansed. Naaman resisted at first, but later obeyed and got his healing.

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