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God of wonders


Anene Nwachukwu

God is unchanging. He is the same yesterday, today and forever. But our understanding of Him is not always right. The way we see God changes due to the circumstances surrounding us, which has created distance between God and some people. They would rather do things that interest them than things that please God. But God has not changed; He is a God of wonders.

Wonder means amazement, awe, marvel, astonishing, surprise, we look and look but we cannot believe our eyes.

When we talk about God being a God of wonder, it means everything about God begins and ends with wonders. He carries out miraculous works and He alone can do great wonders. God is a God of wonder, and the Bible is replete with accounts of the great acts God performed for His people and we can look at it from different perspectives.


Firstly, let’s talk about His stature, Ecclesiastes 5:8 (… For He that is higher than the highest…) God is the most high. He is higher than the highest.

Secondly is His power. Psalms 62:11 says… power belongs to God. He is the most powerful. The Bible calls Him the Commander-in-chief of the host of Heaven. The Bible also says the Lord is strong and mighty, the Lord mighty in battle. God is not restricted by anything. He performed wonders with so many things at different times and places. Let us see some of the things He performed wonders with.

• He formed us from the dust. Genesis 2:7.

• He raised the dead back to life. Luke7:1.

• Jesus was conceived of the Holy Spirit. Matthew 1:18.

• He performed wonders with the weather. 1Kings17:1. He can seal Heaven and also cause rain to fall.

• He performed wonders with fish. Jonah 1:17.

• He performed wonders with Lion. Daniel 6.

• He performed wonders with the Red Sea. Exodus 13,

• He performed wonders with fire. 1Kings 18:36-40.

• He caused an ass to speak like a human being. Numbers22: 22-35.


How do you think of someone who created everything and He Himself was not created? He has been there before the beginning began. Isn’t He a wonder?

God is a wonder. He can perform wonders. He can perform wonders with you, through you and for you. He can even make you wonder if only you believe because He delights in putting His glory on display.

Do you want to see the wonders of God in your life? The first step is:

• Give your life to Christ.

• Spend time with God and His word.

• Have faith and trust in God.

• Give Him praise.

In Rhema, no shaking.

• Prophet (Dr.) Anene Nwachukwu (Oracle of God), Rhema Deliverance Mission Int’l. Inc. Rhema International Prophetic Centre Lasu-Igando Road, Church Pole Bus Stop, Beside Iba Police Station, Iba, Lagos.

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