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God’s abiding presence – Part 2

By John Okene
03 May 2020   |   3:42 am
The word ‟abiding” in our present world is scarcely used. We are in a mobile world, where people are always on the go. People are constantly changing relationships, jobs and even churches.

John Okene

The word ‟abiding” in our present world is scarcely used. We are in a mobile world, where people are always on the go. People are constantly changing relationships, jobs and even churches. To abide actually means to settle down or to remain. According to our Bible passage in John 15:1-16, God wants to settle in a constant stable relationship with us. That is why He sent His only begotten Son and that through His Son’s death, His abiding presence will be with us through the Holy Spirit living inside of us. John 16:7 ‟It is expedient for you that I go away: for if I go not away, the Comforter will not come unto you; but if I depart, I will send him unto you.”

One of the things God’s presence guarantees is fullness of joy. You cannot have God’s presence and remain sad or be a sadist. God’s presence drives away sadness and terminates whatsoever causes sorrow. Are you going through a sorrowful experience? Is there a problem in your life that has defied solution, hence you are sad? Brother or Sister, it is time to cheer up. God can turn your situation around overnight. You cannot have God’s presence and continue to swim in the ocean of regrets and sorrow. He will take away your sorrow and give you the fullness of joy. I see that disappointment coming to an end. I see that issue that is making you weep coming to an end. I see your joy being restored again. I see your testimonies coming forth in Jesus name. Welcome to your season of Joy.

Exodus 33:15 ‟And he said unto him if thy presence will not go with me, carry us not up hence.” Moses, from the above scripture, was convinced that without God’s presence in his life, it was useless for him to move or attempt anything. He knew it was God’s presence among them that set them apart from every other nation. God’s presence guaranteed them victory over their enemies anywhere they went. They were undefeated in all battles, except the ones they lost as a result of God’s presence refusing to go with them because of sin. It is God’s presence that separates a believer from an unbeliever. As Christians or individuals, there are battles we are fighting and more we will come in contact with, as we journey to our destiny. What assures us victory is God’s presence. It could be battling against poverty, sickness, barrenness, disappointments and loss of loved ones, among others. When God is in our midst, nothing can defeat us. But without Him, we are helpless and hopeless.

Another thing that God’s presence brings is transformation. You cannot enter or carry God’s presence and your life remains the same. Take a cue from all those who encountered God’s presence in the Bible from Moses to Joshua, Apostle Peter to Apostle Paul. Moses was a fugitive when he had an encounter with God and immediately, he was transformed into a deliverer. Paul was a murderer, but just one encounter with God transformed him to a commissioned apostle. One of the greatest media of transformation is being in God’s presence. I have seen how God transforms armed robbers to evangelists or disciples.

God’s presence can also open up to us, the treasures of darkness. Isaiah 45:3. These treasures can be accessed by supernatural ideas or creative ideas. It was the access to this divine knowledge that catapulted Joseph in a foreign land. It was this idea that enabled Daniel to rule in Babylon as the Chief among governors. Jacob was given access to these treasures through divine revelation and as a result, he became very rich. I decree, may the Lord give you supernatural ideas to unlock the wealth in secret places in Jesus name.

Rev. John Okene, Divine Touch Int’l Ministries, Warri, Delta State.
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