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Growing in stature – Part 2


Kunle Adigun

Let me endeavour to explain what spiritual stature means in simple terms. Any country’s military is invested with the authority of that nation to defend the honour of that country.

Every soldier, recruited and commissioned is a partaker of this authority but the level of this authority wielded and used effectively depends on the rank (or stature) of that soldier. How much authority does a Private in the Army have compared with a Captain? Also, a Colonel has more authority than a Captain.

Jesus Christ had given the authority of the kingdom to His Church (Matt 28:18, Lk 10:19). But how much of this authority we can be entrusted with depends upon the rank (stature) of every member of His Church. What God expects from every Christian inducted into the army of God at the point of the new birth, is to seek to grow in stature with God. Every born again child of God has been invested with LEGAL authority, but EFFECTIVE authority increases as our stature with God increases.


Again, the level of victory exercised over the enemy depends upon our stature (rank) in God’s army. The church has found it increasingly difficult to deal with the high-ranking territorial powers and principalities and ruling spirits, holding the nations of the world bound in darkness, because it lacks spiritual stature with God. The battle is now fierce. And it is raging to a close. God is about to liberate His people held by the Pharaoh-like grip of satanic territorial powers and principalities, from the nations of the world. But the church that must bring this to pass, must, like Moses, be dealt with by God in the backsides of the deserts.

The early church had stature with God. This is the reason for the revival in the early church. Please note that the revival in the early church was preceded by the Jesus revolution because the church walked in the Jesus Revelation. That means the Jesus Revelation led to the Jesus Revolution and the Jesus Revolution gave birth to the Jesus Revival. This is the same programme that God has for the present-day church before the end time revival can be birthed.

The church of today lacks the Jesus Revelation that will lead to the Jesus Revolution and the Jesus Revival. No wonder the world was afraid of the early church and consequently were afraid of being Christianised. The early church turned the world upside down (Acts 17:6) with the preaching of Jesus because they had the Jesus Revelation. On the contrary, the church today lacks Jesus Revelation and is afraid of Islamisation. What a tragedy! What a shame!

Lack of revelation is called spiritual blindness. The Church in this Hour must rise from her slumber. She must overcome the perverseness that has neutralised her from being effective for God. Leaders must lay godly example of obedient responses to Divine dealings, so that, not only do they grow in stature, they will be able to raise followers whose sole passion is stature with God, with the corresponding enlargement of boundaries and effective authority. Only such people are relevant to God’s plan to disciple the nations of the world, in order to deliver His people that are trapped therein.

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Bro. Kunle Adigun, Friends of the Bridegroom International Ministries (FOBIM)

To Be Continued

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