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Growing your faith – Part 2


James O. James

Why we need to build our faith?

• We need faith in God to overcome life’s storms, since no one is immune against the storms of life – surely the rain will fall; the flood will come; the wind will blow, but it is your faith that will enable you overcome.

To succeed in life, you must learn to develop your faith to overcome life’s difficulties.

• We need faith to be able to lay hold of God’s the promises. God wants to expand your territory and enlarge your borders, so that you can succeed. If He did it for Jabez, He will do it for you, but to achieve Jabez’ success requires the faith of Jabez.


• We need faith to do ministry work. The work of ministry cannot progress without faith. Like most ministers know, you learn to trust God on a daily basis, step by step.

Faith honours God and God honours faith, and it is faith that will make God by-pass one million persons to reach you. You cannot have faith and doubt at the same time.

The good news is that as long as you are in ministry, your faith will grow as you learn to trust God always.

Growing your faith:
“Guard your heart with all diligence; for out of it flows the issues of life”.

The Greek meaning of “issues of life” connotes boundaries or borders. It is your heart that sets the limits of your life not the circumstances of life. If your heart says it is possible, then you will fight to get it done.

The Bible also says “As a man thinks in his heart, so is he” meaning that it is your heart that defines you. Your heart is the storage of faith and it drives your words.

The Bible says in Matthew 12:37 that your words will either condemn or justify you before God. It is what promotes or demotes you.

Since the heart is so important, we must guard the channels feeding it – what we see, hear or say. What you see can corrupt your heart; therefore be careful what you read or watch. Also, what you listen to, especially music can corrupt your heart. What you say portrays what you have inside of you, because we speak out of the abundance of our heart.


What to do:
• Re-programme your heart. Detoxify your heart by removing all those “viruses” you have been feeding it with all these years, by reading and meditating on the word of God.

• Deal with your heart. Set boundaries for what you allow to go into your heart.

• Think (meditate) on things that edify.

• Step out from the crowd. Put your two feet firmly with Christ not one foot in church and one in the world.

• Don’t copy anyone and don’t follow those who are not following Christ

• Use what you have by exercising your faith and it will grow

Prayer points:
• O God my Father, cause your word to purge my heart and mind in Jesus name

• Blood of Jesus, wash my heart clean from every spiritual virus

• Father in heaven, help my unbelief and make me strong in the face of the challenges of life.

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