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Holiness: The key to victory


Undoubtedly, holiness is the throne of God and the same holiness preserves it forever. It is the strength of God and the power behind the throne. God established the throne of holiness on earth and handed it over to man (Adam). Regrettably, Adam was not conscious enough to preserve this holiness upon which his earthly throne was established. He lost it alongside his throne as well.

The antics of the devil didn’t work in heaven, because the strength, which is holiness, stands forever. When he was finally driven out of heaven as a vagabond, he resorted to man, who didn’t value his throne. Man foolishly relinquished it out of sheer ignorance and lack of understanding of the worth of holiness, which is the strength behind the throne. Obviously, the devil didn’t want to be a servant whatsoever, which is why he deceived man and collected his throne.


Now that man has recovered his throne through Jesus Christ, there is a need to take precautions not to allow the devil to take it again. It now behoves man to do everything within his power to preserve the throne by living a holy and uncompromising life. Devil scouts around to bring man into servitude and slavery. He looks out for ‘little’ faults and spots to ensnare a man. And whenever a sin or unrighteousness is found, no matter how small it may appear, it’s enough to dethrone man. In order to preserve and enjoy the strength of throne, there should be God-kind of holiness. In other words, our holiness must synchronise with God’s standard of holiness.

During this ongoing 21 days of fasting and prayer in Kingdom Power International Christian Praying Centre, God poured His grace of holiness upon His church. The surge of God’s power and glory is indescribable. Heaven released His fullness of power to His church to enable it to live a holy life throughout His days on earth. It should not be forgotten in a hurry that man was created in God’s own image, which is why it is also easy for a man to live a holy life through the grace of God, “… Be ye holy; for I am holy” (1 Pt. 1:16).


Holiness is man’s nature; he was created originally by God’s own image before he fell. And the irony of it is that as soon as a man commits sin, he becomes like the devil. He automatically becomes a child of the devil. Sin bereft man his throne as well as privileges and rights attached to it. This is the reason many people are empty in the world today; their throne has been taken away and they are left as destitute.

Man lost his throne in Adam and became fugitive on earth. He lost peace, joy, privileges and rights associated with Adam’s throne. This informs the reason why Christians must not follow the footsteps of Adam again. Adam’s life brought predicament to the entire world until Jesus Christ came and redeemed man completely from all traces of Adam’s misbehaviour. His losses were restored back in its fullness to man. The price for the restoration of the throne is never cheap and that’s why every heavenly-minded believer must strive to retain it.


Many people had a throne in the past but lost it in the passing of time. For instance, Judas, Demas and the likes had thrones but out of carelessness, they lost it completely and never regained it back. In the same vein, anybody who carelessly abandons the way of righteousness and holiness and eventually loses his throne will equally end like them in eternal damnation. Conserving throne is synonymous to preserving holiness. Therefore, whatever affects holiness in your life has removed your throne. A wise Christian should tread with caution!

Holiness is priceless and cannot be substituted for anything on earth. Don’t toy with it!

For further reading: Dan. 4: 34; Isaiah 14:12, 15; Prov. 16:12; Gen. 1:26-27; Jn. 8:44; 1Jn 3:6; Rom. 5:14 16,18; Heb. 2:1; 6:4-8; James 4:4; Col. 2:21. 

You can fellowship with us @ Kingdom Power International Christian Praying Centre, 65, Oluwatedo Road, Cele Road, Isashi, Ojo, Lagos State.

For details of our programme, visit us You can also follow us live on Facebook @kpicpc & You Tube @ kpicpc


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