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2020 – The year – Part 2



Contention in 2020: All the seed of Abraham benefitted from 20. This is why 2020 is so important; because in 2020, it is not only God’s blessings that we will see there. There is also a contention, since 20 belongs to Abraham. Abraham had three products from his loins, Abraham married Sarah and God told him that out of that wife, Isaac will be produced and Isaac was the covenant child. Also, Abraham produced another child through Hagar, which is Ishmael; the third product was called Midian, this is the son that Keturah gave birth to for Abraham. And out of these three, only Isaac was the covenant seed, so God was going to establish His covenant with Isaac. So, the other two products will fight against the covenant seed. There will be contention to destroy life. They will gang up together to contend with the seed of Abraham.

Joseph A Carrier Of The Blessings Of 20
From Abraham to Isaac, from Isaac to Jacob, who also had the power of 20 and from Jacob to Joseph, and then God put His anointing and His power in Joseph and said with thee, I will fulfil the promises, which I made to Abraham. I will make a king out of you and God put a powerful dream in Joseph.

So, the seed of Abraham called Joseph was fought against by the other seed of Abraham. We all know the story of how the one who carried the dream of God and how a coat of many colours was sewn for him by his father and God gave him two dreams and said for now; you are the one I am going to use among the 12. So, in Genesis 37, these are the generations of Jacob and trying to count the twelve, they only singled out one who was to represent the twelve.


When the brothers saw that God has laid hands on him and promoted him to be a king and they will be under him, then they intended to kill him. We know the Ishmaelite’s merchants and the Midianites traders. Ishmaelites the sons from Hagar and the Midianites from Keturah all from the loins of Abraham and that is why God will say a man’s foe is from his own household. Now, the brothers sold him to the Ishmaelite’s merchants, who in turn sold him to the Midianites traders, who then sold him to Potiphar, so that his rights and privileges would be taken away.

Nigeria In Year 2020 And The Weapon Of The Believer
Now in Nigeria, these same forces are at work. There is a seed of Isaac in Nigeria called the believers, and there is a seed of Ishmael and there is a seed of median in Nigeria and these forces are fighting against the Christians. They are joined together to throw Joseph’s Christians into the pit. But whatever they do our God is with us. They have even thrown the Joseph Christians into the pit of business that they will not prosper, that the resources and money of the country will be in the hands of a few people, while many are wallowing in poverty and ignorance. But in year 2020, judgment is coming and the Christians shall arise and conquer for their light has come and the glory of the Lord has risen upon them.


In the year 2020, the enemy has put plans in place. Therefore, be careful to know your God and know Him very well, because our God is a motion God, that is why Micah 5 said that He is a going forth God and when He moves, He cannot be stopped. He didn’t just come from somewhere; He is an everlasting God without father and mother, without descent, so the enemies cannot fight Him because they have beginning and end. Who are thou oh! Great mountain to stand before Zerrubabel, thou shall be made plain.

Even though they have made plans, our God is not asleep and He will rebuke them, for no weapon fashioned against us shall prosper. We have a wonderful God and we hide under Him and not in houses or tunnels. We hide under the word, Thou has excelled thy word above all things. The word of God is hammer and fire, and it can break rocks to pieces. When the word of God appears, it causes earthquake of trouble for the enemies. He is the deliverer.
Bishop Dr. S. I. Okelezoh, Ministry Of Perfection Church


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